Crooked teeth in children : effective treatments

Crooked teeth in children : effective treatments
Crooked teeth - it is not only aesthetic problems, but malocclusion.This, in turn, speech distortion and disruption of chewing.That is why it is very important to monitor the condition of the teeth in children.

Currently, there are many different ways to correct the curvature of teeth in children.

Treatment orthodontist chosen individually in each case.

Crooked teeth in children: effective methods of treatment

main treatments are crooked teeth in children:

  • teeth correction circuit;
  • braces;
  • cosmetic fixing teeth;
  • crown and protective pads.

contour correction

In this embodiment, the treatment of a doctor performs sawing sharp corners and other dental defects, pulls them to the same length.If the baby teeth too short, they extend by adjusting the gums.

thin porcelain crowns can be recommended in a more adult aesthetic purposes.


treatment of crooked teeth in children with the help of braces carries orthodontist.First are diagnosed disorders.To do this, the doctor conducts a carefu

l inspection, X-rays and making casts of both jaws.In some cases the removal of one or more teeth in order to make room for normal growth and development of adjacent teeth during the treatment.

Once diagnosed, healed caries, extra teeth removed, the doctor puts on your teeth fixed or movable brackets (braces).The advantage of fixed brackets is that they are attached to teeth and temporarily made of ceramic or plastic, which makes them not very noticeable.

Choice braces are now extremely high, they are selected individually in each case.

During treatment required regular consultation orthodontist, which monitors the results and shall adjust the bracket installation.In some cases, after wearing braces doctor may recommend wearing braces at night, during sleep, to hold the tooth in its new position.

Cosmetic fixing teeth

This treatment does not apply crooked teeth in children, but in some cases can be used in adolescents.Cosmetic teeth fixation can improve the appearance of crooked teeth.

For this tooth is attached to the white filler of shredded plastic and minerals, polishing is carried out then.Unfortunately, this method is short-lived, and the tooth after 2-5 years will change color and cracks.

Crowns and protectors

Crowns and protective linings (veneers, Lumineers) are the best option to improve the appearance of curves or broken teeth.As a rule, they are long, resistant to cracks, discoloration and failure, but do not protect against caries formation.

crowns and veneers are not used to correct crooked teeth in young children, it makes sense to correct so only permanent teeth in adolescents and adults, when tooth growth has already ended.

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