Syndrome TMJ pain dysfunction : causes, symptoms, treatment

Syndrome TMJ pain dysfunction : causes, symptoms, treatment
syndrome pain dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) - unsharp, but very painful pathology.This joint is used by man almost every minute: during a conversation, while chewing, yawning, swallowing, so its dysfunction leads to incessant discomfort and pain, not only in the joint, but also in adjacent organs, which greatly complicates the diagnosis and delayed the start of appropriate treatment.

painful TMJ syndrome occurs when the joint is experiencing congestion.

causes for this syndrome are numerous: the wrong set fillings, tooth defects, the effects of improper orthopedic or orthodontic treatment malocclusion, facial habits (teeth grinding, clenching of teeth, and others.), Classes in weightlifting and other power sports, injuries or specificdiseases of the joints (arthritis), increased tension of the masticatory muscles with nervousness, stress.

Symptoms pain syndrome TMJ

  • headache (mostly in temples and back of the head), pain in the shoulders and in the area of ​​the shoulder blades;
  • ear pain, congestion or muffled, sometimes complete deafness;
  • TMJ clicks when moving;
  • soreness and fatigue in the muscles of the face and neck;
  • increased tooth sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet;
  • frequent dizziness.

Treatment of pain syndrome TMJ

The first treatment is aimed at relieving pain.In this regard, the following methods are used.

  1. Medical (oral non-narcotic analgesics, anesthetics injected into the painful areas of the masticatory muscles).
  2. Physiotherapy (microwave, magnetic, infrared laseromagnetotherapy, electrophoresis, heat treatments).The choice of method depends on the pain dysfunction syndrome causes of TMJ and is determined only after an expert examination.Physiotherapy is best used in conjunction with psychotherapy and relaxation therapies, massage and general miogimnastikoy.If the patient has a contraindication to conducting physical therapy or is unable to visit her in a clinic, it can be replaced by elementary events at home - it can be the application of painkillers on the parotid region or alcohol compress.
  3. Shinoterapiya.Special joint tires effectively relax the muscles in the area of ​​the temporomandibular joint, head, upper back and neck, which immediately gives a positive effect and reduces pain.

Simultaneously with efforts to eliminate the pain should be proactive diagnostics to identify the causes of joint dysfunction.

next and major step in the treatment of TMJ pain is just etiotropic treatment - elimination of the causes that lead to pain.You may need retreatment of teeth, bite correction, psychotherapy and even surgical intervention.

The recovery period is widely used acupuncture, massage of the face, miogimnastika.

ALWAYS psycho-emotional state of the patient correction, since the presence of persistent pain postpones its negative impact on the human psyche.

Recently developed, but not yet sufficiently rooted in the widespread use of such methods of treatment, like hypnosis (if painful TMJ syndrome is caused by a psychosomatic illness), acupuncture, manual therapy.

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