Caries Diagnosis : how to keep your teeth healthy

Caries Diagnosis : how to keep your teeth healthy
Caries - the most common dental disease.To avoid it or to identify at an early stage, requires timely diagnosis.

correct and timely diagnosis of caries - a 50% success rate in its treatment.

There are several ways to identify dental caries in a clinical setting.they all help diagnose cavities with varying degrees of efficiency.

Thus, the least effective is the traditional study using a dental probe: This method can ensure the correct diagnosis in only 25% of cases.In addition, the probe tip can injure the enamel and contribute to the development of caries process.

Methods of diagnosis of caries

  • study of tooth tissue with the help of a dental probe and mirror;
  • radiograph;
  • transillumination;
  • method of silk thread;
  • fissurotomiya;
  • orthopantomogram;
  • examination using KaVoDiagnodent device.

caries diagnosis: X-ray and X-ray orthopantomogram

is often an integral part of the diagnosis of caries and other diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.Without X-ray is often impossible to make a diagnosi

s and prescribe treatment.It helps to identify hidden cavities, which occurs without any clinical manifestations.

dentin on radiographs defeat would look like a lot of enlightenment, but the damage to the enamel can not display the X-ray.Therefore, even a negative chest radiograph can not give an absolute guarantee of the absence of caries.

To diagnose caries also use ortopantomogrammu or panoramic picture, which shows the affected areas and gives an overall picture of the state of dentition.

can say that orthopantomogram - an advanced X-ray, only instead of the outdated X-ray machine - Dental scanner, which is indispensable in orthodontics and oral surgery.The dose when using the digital orthopantomograph significantly less than that of the film X-ray machine.

Orthopantomogram carried out as follows: X-ray source and the receiver (digital sensor) move in the mouth in opposite directions around the test tooth.The result is that the picture is clearly visible part of the tooth affected, and everything else is blurred.

caries diagnosis: transillumination

This method is raying teeth with ultraviolet rays by using special lamps.Dentist Teeth shines inside a flood of light, usually orange or blue, and assesses changes in the appearance of the teeth.

When hidden caries lesion of tooth as it will provide shade and thus become visible.transillumination also reveals cracks crowns and evaluate the condition of sealed teeth.

This technique perfectly helps with inspection front teeth, but if caries affects the lateral teeth, transillumination is not as effective.

caries diagnosis: diagnodent

latest dental equipment and KaVoDiagnodent KaVoDiagnodentPen - some of the best helpers in the fight with a very early form of the disease - fissure caries, which can also be hidden by intact enamel layers.The disease affects fissure - a natural depression in the middle of the tooth, often it begins with caries in children.

operating principle of these devices is based on an analysis of the optical state of the tooth by means of laser radiation.Devices fixed fluorescent glow that when laser irradiation emit carious tooth areas.

caries diagnosis using fissurotomii and method of silk thread

Fissurotomiya - is not only way to diagnose caries, but also a method of prevention and treatment.The surface fissures dissected to discover all caries lesions.After this procedure can be carried out sealing of fissures: a special sealant consisting of antibacterial resin, will prevent the bacteria that cause tooth decay, multiply in the mouth.

diagnosis of caries by the silk thread does not require expensive equipment.Dentist introduces a thin silk thread into the gap between the teeth and begins sawing movements promote it on the surface of the tooth.

If the thread is damaged, then the patient has dental caries.But keep in mind that this method has a big error: can damage the thread and tartar, and poorly installed seals.

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