Rib fracture : signs

Rib fracture : signs
ribs fracture occurs in both young and elderly people.Older people are more at risk, because the bony structures of the chest become less elastic.To understand how complicated the situation is, you can have for the first signs of rib fracture.

one thing when it comes to the turn of the 1-2 ribs, which can grow together, not presenting danger to human life.But if the symptoms are severe rib fracture, it is a serious injury, the effects of which can be unpredictable - from breathing difficulties to pneumonia and pneumothorax.

Signs ribs fracture

  1. sharp pain in the chest area.The victim becomes difficult to talk, laugh, breathe deeply.When probing the injured person feels uncomfortable place, it may be heard the crunch of bone fragments.
  2. Shallow breathing.A man tries not to breathe to the end, because it spares the damaged part of the chest.Most often shortness of breath occurs when the lateral or anterior rib fractures.
  3. Swelling chest.It occurs if the fracture is accompanied by damage to the lung.T
    hen the air penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue, with pressure on you hear a slight creaking.
  4. deterioration of general health.One of the signs of rib fractures are rapid pulse, pale and even a bluish tinge to the skin.
  5. If the victim increasing shortness of breath, so there was pneumothorax.In this case, the breath will not be heard on the affected side, and due to lung damage observed hemoptysis.
  6. A few days after the fracture there is a danger of pneumonia that is accompanied by fever, shortness of breath and symptoms of intoxication.These are dangerous signs of rib fracture.


ribs fracture First of all, it is worth noting that with such trauma can be no question of self-medication.Many people mistakenly believe that the broken ribs tightly enough to bandage the victim and restrict movement.However, it is worth considering that this can lead to pneumonia and stagnation.At the turn of the ribs conversely, fixation is not required.The only exceptions are multiple fractures with complications.In this case, the ribs are fixed in the hospital.

Whatever signs of rib fracture, do not delay the provision of first aid.With the help of X-ray set, how heavy a fracture.

If the fracture is simple, the patient can be ambulatory care, prescribe specific analgesic, expectorant drugs, physical therapy and physiotherapy.If the fracture is complicated character, appoint additional procedures.

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