Vitamins for good vision

Vitamins for good vision
Scientists note that in the XXI century has been a trend to a deterioration of vision in the average man in the street.This is due to many factors:. Stress, fatigue, work at a computer, etc. One of the main reasons for the decline is the lack of vitamins for the eyes.

Vitamins for vision comes into the body in sufficient quantities at the correct and balanced diet.

But not all get to constantly monitor the diet, so doctors recommend to combine a healthy diet with a vitamin complex for vision.

Vitamins for eye

  1. Vitamin A (retinol).The most important vitamin for eye health, it ensures normal operation of the retina eyes and, accordingly, the level of support.Retinol helps in the prevention of night blindness and glaucoma.In addition, vitamin A protects the mucous membrane of the eyes from drying out.Scientists believe that regular consumption of vitamin A is able to cure and prevent many eye diseases.Sources of vitamin A may be the liver, butter, cod liver oil, egg yolks, carrots, apricots and pumpk
  2. Vitamin B1 (thiamine).With a shortage of thiamine in the body is disturbed sensory and motor innervation eye.It promotes rapid fatigue and reduced efficiency.Vitamin B1 is found in abundance in the liver, bread made from rye flour and bran, legumes and fresh vegetables.At the use of the vitamin in the "pharmacy" as sufficient 1.5 grams per day.Do not take without your doctor's recommendations, as it can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).It contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the lens and cornea of ​​the eye, which normalizes the exchange of oxygen in the tissues of the eye and improves vision.Riboflavin also protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.Contained in green vegetables, dairy products and cereals.
  4. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).It allows you to save the transparency of the lens to the elderly.Contained in vegetables, meat, milk, cereals.
  5. Vitamin B9 (folic acid).Folic acid deficiency in the body may lead to complications in the vessels of the eye.Contained in beets, broccoli, carrots, cheese and eggs.
  6. Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).Fatigue and eye redness - a consequence of a lack of vitamin B12.Cyanocobalamin promotes the formation of red blood cells.It contained mainly in foods of animal origin.
  7. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).Restores the pigmentation of the eye, in addition, it is an excellent antioxidant.Found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, pepper, herbs.

To maintain good vision for many years it is important to regularly visit an ophthalmologist to check eye health (once or twice a year).

The doctor, you not only get the assessment of the current state of health of the eye, but also be able to find out what vitamins you should take to maintain good vision.

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