Why teeth itch

Why teeth itch
Can teeth itch, and what are the reasons for this phenomenon?Itching of the tissues surrounding the tooth has different reasons, and almost all of them require medical consultation.

question "why teeth itch" at first glance it seems strange, because dental hard tissue, in theory, should not be scratched.

actually itch that patients describe as "teeth itch," it is not an uncommon phenomenon.In this case, not the scratched dental crowns and soft oral tissue surrounding the tooth and its root - the gums and mucous.

Sometimes the teeth itch only at the base, and itching removed chewing hard crunchy foods (apple, carrot).But sometimes itching can be so strong that patients describe their feelings, if I want to remove the teeth, gums scratch, and then put them back.

reasons "tooth itch" may have a different nature - infectious, inflammatory, neuro-psychic, allergic, exchange.

teeth itch: Causes

  1. Dental disease.Teeth can be scratched with gingivitis (inflammation of gums) or periodontitis (inflammation
    of the deep tissue located around the teeth).In this case, the treatment prescribed dentist based on visual inspection or X-ray examination.
  2. Allergic reactions.Allergies can be used on a daily toothpaste, to elements of metal-ceramic prostheses or orthodontic devices.The case of tooth paste is the easiest - to change enough paste or ask your doctor to recommend a more suitable brand.When an allergy to metals should consult your doctor about the replacement of braces or consider installing metal-free crowns.
  3. oral candidiasis (thrush).An infectious disease caused by fungi are kind Candida.A distinctive feature - a visible whitish coating on the mucous membranes of the mouth.Fungal diseases require an integrated approach in the treatment, because the main reason for their appearance - the weakening of the body and reducing the protective immunity mechanisms.In addition to the doctor will prescribe antifungal drugs immunomodulators, vitamins and a special diet.
  4. Hypovitaminosis vitamin C and its extreme - scurvy.It manifested in violation of diet, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.For the treatment and prevention need to create a balanced diet and take medications based on ascorbic acid.
  5. Chronic stress, neurosis.Severe itching can be a psychosomatic reaction to stress.If a person is experiencing severe mental stress, you can try to make soft sedatives.

teeth itch: First aid

If you have itching in the mouth in the first place should pay attention to oral hygiene:

  • change your toothbrush to a new, better with a soft bristle brush;
  • pick medicinal toothpaste.

To remove itching doctors recommend rinsing your mouth with a solution of soda or a decoction of herbs (oak, chamomile).If home remedies do not help, you should contact your dentist, periodontist.

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