The flux in the gums : treatment

The flux in the gums : treatment
flux begins with inflammation and aching pain in the gums.The cause of the flux can be tooth decay, a crack in the tooth, mechanical damage to the gums or teeth, inflammation of the gingival pocket - the gap between the gum and tooth.Often the development of flux provokes a cyst.The disease requires care.

If the flux left untreated, the inflammation begins to focus vesicate of gradually accumulating pus.When the focus of infection in the gums erupts, pus may come under the periosteum, provoking inflammation of the bone.The flux may be affected by the facial muscles and tissues surrounding the tooth.

Symptoms and complications of flux on the gums

When flux greatly swollen gums, cheek and increases in size, the temperature may rise and the onset of fever.The pain becomes throbbing, may give ear.Chewing movements are difficult, and accompanied by unbearable pain.

With treatment flux on the gums pull can not otherwise avoid serious complications such as:

  • abscess (pus accumulation in the tissues);
  • cellulitis (diffuse purulent inflammation and pus in the penetration of the face and neck, and then the internal organs);
  • septicemia (blood poisoning).

All these complications are quite dangerous and can lead to a lethal iskhodu.Imenno so if you showed up at the gum flux: the treatment is necessary to make immediately.

Treatment of flux on the gums

Dental treatment flux on the gums takes a short period of time.After local anesthesia the doctor will make an incision and remove the gums pus.The incision, if necessary, will be installed drainage - a small rubber tube to drain the entire accumulated pus.If pus managed to accumulate in the soft tissues, for its complete removal of the doctor will reveal them as well.

possible to use anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain and inflammation, stabilize body temperature.Swelling may increase due to the incision in the gum, it will begin to subside on the third day.

In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed.Drink should be only a dentist appointment and strictly according to the scheme.

install and uninstall drainage should only doctor.If the tube popped, you should immediately contact your dentist.

Aspirin after surgery was performed on the gums, may cause heavy bleeding.Drink any at its discretion drugs is not recommended.In the event the pain is also necessary to consult a doctor.As

recovery within a few days will swelling and pain, heal the incision.

flux on the gums: treatment of traditional medicines

  1. 1 tspsoda and 1 tspsalt dissolved in a glass of boiling water and cool.Rinse your mouth should be every two hours.
  2. 2 tbspBrew sage in two cups of boiling water.Rinse your mouth four times per hour.
  3. 1 tbspsage, dry mustard and Eryngium planum pour 250 ml of warm water.Infuse for 30 minutes.Rinse mouth every two hours.

the treatment at home can not be applied hot compresses.Heat enhances the activity of bacteria, creating for them a favorable microflora, pus formation takes place faster.

Folk remedies against flux can reduce the pain in the gums, inflammation but they are not clean, much less get rid of pus.Therefore, for the treatment and prevention of complications of flux necessary to seek professional help.

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