White patches on the gums : Causes and Treatment

White patches on the gums : Causes and Treatment
redness of the gums in most cases, evidence of inflammation in the oral cavity and requires a consultation with a dentist.But the white patches on the gums for many is a mysterious phenomenon and often goes unnoticed.Meanwhile, it is often the first sign of serious diseases.

white patches on the gums is often the first sign of stomatitis.In fact, this pus formed during the infection process.

Later in place of white spots may appear painful sores, so at the first sign of stomatitis should start rinsing the mouth with disinfecting solutions and lubrication gum healing ointments.

Another common cause of white bloom - candidiasis, known in private life as thrush.It is a fungal infection of the gums, is possible only with the weakening of immunity.

This plaque - a reason to be guarded, because it is often the companion of diseases associated with immunodeficiency.We are talking about diabetes or AIDS.Also candidiasis often accompanies the use of inhalers for the treatment of bronchial asthma, or prolong

ed use of antibiotics.

Sometimes a white coating remains on the gums after a visit to the dentist for professional teeth cleaning or as a consequence of too frequent use of mouthwashes.This plaque - a temporary phenomenon, he held a few days after the disappearance of the stimulating factor.

Localized white patch on the gums may be due to trauma or a symptom emptied cysts (hollow formation filled with inflammatory fluid).

Neoplasms of the oral cavity can also be white.This may be a lipoma - small dense knots, usually located at the base of the tooth row.Usually a lipoma is not dangerous and can pass on their own.

view white bloom can accept and cancer of the gums at an early stage.Therefore, in cases where the origin of this symptom is not obvious, it is necessary to consult a dentist.

white patches on the gums in children

Parents often notice white spots in the mouth in children.The reasons for their appearance may be several.

  1. Very often it is a question of stomatitis.In this case, it is important to eliminate from the diet of the child acute and acidic foods and try to at least a few days to go to porridge and mashed potatoes.
  2. whitish spots, surrounded by a red border, located on the inside of the cheeks and gums can be spotted Bielsko-Filatova Koplik, symptomatic of the incubation period of measles.
  3. Finally, the light areas on the gums may be the first signs of teething baby.Such spots do not worry at all.

white plaque on the gums Treatment

appearance of white plaque on the gums - a signal for compliance with the rules of oral hygiene.Regular thorough cleaning of the teeth, use mouthwash and medicinal ointments for pritivovospalitelnyh gums in most cases eliminate the symptoms of stomatitis (the most common cause of white plaque).

gums Changing colors in places teething or after bleaching, usually does not require special treatment, and passes on their own.In these cases it is also permissible to use healing ointments and mouth rinse decoction of chamomile or calendula.

If plaque on the gums is presented in the form of white nodules that persist even with careful oral care, be sure to consult your dentist.Early diagnosis can help prevent serious consequences - cysts or tumors of the oral cavity.

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