The use of music to reduce stress

Music for stress
Music therapy, or treatment of the music has a long history of use.Basics such therapy combines psychology, neurophysiology, reflexology, musicology, music psychology.Very good results in the treatment of nervous diseases music for stress relief.

There are two main types of music therapy.The first type - the active, in which man himself is involved in the process of creating music using musical instruments or singing.The second type - a passive, when a person listens to the music program, aimed at addressing its problems.Music for stress used both kinds of music therapy.

mechanism of effects of music on the human body

Used music for the treatment of stress, improve emotional state, in the treatment of many diseases.What is the mechanism of music therapy?

receptors of the human ear perceive sound vibrations and transmit it to the human brain.Since all functions of the body are associated with the brain, then place it in the changes affect the physiological processes of the human body.With the vibra

tion of sounds creates a special energy fields.They make resonate all human body cells.Man absorbs the energy of the music, which normalizes blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, relieves muscle tension.

Each tool, in addition to the overall impact on the human body, acts specifically on a particular organ.Here are a few examples.

  1. Authority - harmonizes the energy flow in the spine, resulting in the order of the mind.
  2. Violin - soothes the psyche of man, improves his emotional state.Violin Music is used to relieve stress.
  3. Piano (piano, piano) - harmonizes the mind, cleanses the thyroid gland, improves the functioning of the bladder and kidneys.
  4. Flute - improves circulation, heals, purifies the bronchi and lungs.
  5. Harp - improves heart function.
  6. Saxophone - treats diseases of the genitourinary system, colon, lung, increases sexual energy.

Music for stress

main purpose of the use of music to reduce stress - harmonious, the right impact on human, which promotes complete relaxation of tight muscles, improve emotional state.

Experts believe the most effective music to relieve stress Mozart compositions.In addition to improving mental and emotional state, Mozart can reduce headache, improve mental capacity.

To remove the emotional stress also recommend Mussorgsky piano suite "Pictures at an Exhibition".Tchaikovsky's music will neurosis and irritability.In chronic fatigue offer to listen to music by Brahms.Normalize sleep helps Suite Grieg "Peer Gynt", "Adagio" Rodrigo, "Songs without Words" by Mendelssohn.

Music for stress - a natural drug-free way to treat this debilitating emotional condition.With proper application of music therapy in humans soon comes significant relief.

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