Contraindications for laser vision correction

Currently, there are a modern form of correction of eye diseases - laser vision correction.Contraindications to this method of solving the problem is, so if you have any medical conditions you need to be sure to tell your doctor and he will decide whether to carry out a correction in this way.

a method such as laser vision correction, appeared relatively recently, and despite the restrictions in its use, is sufficiently effective.Only a small number of patients in need of re-treatment, whereas the majority is satisfied with the result for many years.

benefits of laser vision correction

  • this method is reliable and secure.It is used for more than 25 years, successfully helping people;
  • wide range of applications.With the help of laser vision correction can treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, excepting only cases where this method is contraindicated;
  • fast procedure.The operation takes less than fifteen minutes, of which the laser exposure less than a minute;
  • procedure is painless.For
    the correction of vision with a laser is used local anesthesia drip, which is easily tolerated by patients, with the exception of a person that this type of anesthesia is contraindicated;
  • does not require hospitalization.Laser correction is carried out in one day, lying in the hospital the patient is not necessary;
  • recovery period is minimal.Immediately after the correction of the patient improved vision, and finally it recovered within a week;
  • operation result can be predicted.After examination, the doctor can explain what kind of results to be expected;
  • high level of security.Statistics monitoring of patients who have undergone the procedure, showed that there was no visual impairment or loss.In addition, the equipment is constantly being improved by doing a simple procedure, reducing the risk to a minimum.

Laser vision correction.Contraindications

Despite the many positive reviews about this method of treatment is laser vision correction, some contraindications for surgery is still there.

Absolute contraindications:

  1. General.
  • various autoimmune diseases (the body's immune system is directed against oneself);
  • primary and secondary immunodeficiency states;
  • diseases that affect the healing process;
  1. the part of the eye.
  • if the eye only;
  • corneal thickness is small, less than 450 (440) m .;
  • glaucoma eye;
  • gradual thinning of the cornea;
  • progressive myopia;
  • cataracts;
  • early surgery on retinal detachment.

Relative contraindications:

  1. General.
  • diabetes;
  • if the patient pacemaker;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • mental illness due to internal reasons.
  1. the part of the eye.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the eye, the lacrimal apparatus, acute and chronic;
  • penetrating scarring of the cornea;
  • detected changes in the fundus.

worth remembering that before deciding on surgery, consult your doctor.It is he who decides to hold an operation such as laser vision correction.Contraindications to the micro-operation may not only be an ophthalmologist, but also the therapist, his advice is also needed.

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