interDigital corn

Unlike conventional, such corn occurs imperceptibly, but very painful.

interdigital corn - white, swollen, rounded portion of exfoliated skin.Small, soft, very painful, it is formed on the delicate and fragile skin in the crease between the toes.Causes - the same as that of any calluses.This is a protective reaction of the skin friction and pressure.

human skin responds to the traumatic effects of hypertrophy (thickening) of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, ie the build-up of the hardened protective layer, where it is the largest load.

But corn, which arose between the fingers, gives serious inconvenience.It can cause severe pain, interfere with walking.Even if it does not hurt, it is better to get rid of it, because the cracks from time to time appearing on the surface, can penetrate pathogens and cause inflammation.

interdigital corn arises primarily due to wearing uncomfortable shoes: oppressive, with a narrowed-toed, or, conversely, too loose.Contribute to the emergence of corns high heels

, bend fingers, bony prominences, overweight, flat feet.

Prevention corns

  • Choose for every day comfortable and quality shoes with low heels.
  • foot in the shoe should "breathe."When walking foot muscles produce heat.If it is not exhausted, the temperature and humidity rise, the foot sweats - it promotes the formation of blisters.Therefore, shoes should not interfere with the heat exchange between the foot and the environment.
  • change shoes during the day.Do not go to street shoes in the room.
  • If the new shoes too tight or t use special fluids for its stretch.
  • If you have to break in a new pair or in front of a long working day, in places of the greatest use rubbing special creams, gels, patches and orthopedic protective caps - gel and tissue-gel.To disconnect two fingers between which the corn, use soft interdigital pads of porous rubber, silicone and gel.
  • In the evenings, make a soothing bath for the feet and a decoction of chamomile compresses, ointment, etc. ichthyol

Root corn

interdigital corn often soft, superficial, but in some cases it is solid - the so-called root.

root callus is smaller in diameter, it looks like a point of 3-4 mm.In fact, from the outside it is just a "hat" and the root cone goes inside, to the base of the finger.

arises from the constant squeezing into tight shoes, usually between the fourth and fifth finger.Sometimes it hurts so that it is impossible to walk.

With corn root should immediately consult a doctor, dermatologist or pedicure room with modern equipment and sterile instruments.

These blisters are usually carefully removed and slowly drill a few sessions.In recent years increasingly apply laser or cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.

Soft corn

Doctors highly recommend not to cut yourself a soft interdigital corn scissors.You can even further traumatize the skin and thus enter into the wound infection.

If soft corn is not inflamed, you can try to reduce it.For this purpose, corn removers containing salicylic acid.

Before its application do a warm foot bath, you can with a weak solution of soda.Feet dry.

salicylic plaster should work precisely - just to the corn, rather than the skin around it, so as not to cause irritation.

For this purpose the skin around the corn can be greased fat cream or to stick on top of the normal bactericidal plaster, and cut a hole in it for the corn itself.

corn plasters applied for 1-2 days.If necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.As a result, corn is to soften and fall off.

can gently help the process, after making corn removers softening bath and rubbing the corn with a pumice stone.

Traditional medicine

  • Bow.Take a large onion, peeled, cut in half, put in a jar and pour vinegar.Leave for a day in the heat.Overlay bow on corn on the leaflets 2 times a day, to fix a plaster or bandage.Before the procedure lubricate the skin around the corn jelly or fat cream, as well as for antimozolnogo patch.
  • Fresh potatoes.Clean the potato, grate.The resulting mush impose on corn, cover with a piece of gauze bandage.Change potato poultice every 2 hours.
  • Lemon.In the evening, stop steam, wiped dry.To make corn slice of lemon with pulp, sticking plaster, leave overnight.Repeat for 2-5 days.
  • Aloe.Apply in the evening on a piece of corn freshly cut aloe, fix plaster or bandage.
  • Propolis.In the evening, after a warm foot bath apply a thin layer to the heated corn propolis, fasten a bandage or adhesive tape and leave for 4-5 days.

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