Functional disorders of the pancreas

Disorders of the pancreas does not always associated with a disease of the body.

called functional disorders such condition when the pancreas is broken, but the body remains intact.The development of these conditions are associated with a change in the nervous and hormonal regulation.

When symptoms are mild functional disorders of the pancreas.Usually they do not reach such an intensity, such as in inflammatory lesions of the body.

Reduced function of the pancreas leads to complaints of discomfort and pain in the upper abdomen, left upper quadrant, dyspeptic manifestations, disorder chair.Perhaps the loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss.

Causes of disorders

pancreatic cause of pancreatic functional disorders often are disorders of the central nervous system and other disorders of the digestive system.

Functional disorders of the pancreas often associated with diseases such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis.

pancreas work is sometimes disturbed by the defeat of the liver and

gallbladder.This occurs as a result of the presence of close links between the bodies of the digestive system.When one organ receptor stimulation activity of another reflex changes.In diseases of the digestive tract is reduced production of pancreatic juice, change its composition.

significant reduction in production of pancreatic juice can be observed in severe intoxication, infectious diseases, cancer processes.

Long-term and frequent stresses lead to psychogenic and neurogenic disorders of the pancreas.The stress conditions gland production of pancreatic juice temporarily increases and then decreases.Typically, these violations are minor, but the protracted nature of psychogenic disorders can manifest themselves in the form of complaints of discomfort in the upper abdomen, frequent stools, and a violation of its consistency.

Diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders

temporary, and normal operation is restored when the gland completely eliminate their causes.

However, if these conditions persist for a long period, there is the development of more serious changes and further damage to the body structure.Therefore, despite the severity of minor complaints, it is important to diagnose such conditions.

the diagnosis of these conditions it is important to rule out pancreatic inflammatory disease or other disorders of the body.

On the functional nature of the disorder, you can talk in the absence of any objective evidence of the defeat of the pancreas, which is possible only after a thorough instrumental and laboratory examination.

Treatment and prevention of functional disorders is in compliance with the proper diet, timely and complex treatment of diseases of other organs of the digestive tract.

When violations psychogenic appointed sedatives, psychotherapeutic treatment.

as symptomatic treatment during meals appointed preparations containing pancreatic enzymes.

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