What is guaranteed by law : patients' rights

brief synopsis of "On the rights of patients," the Federal Law.

Patients' rights enshrined in the Federal Law "On the rights of patients", implemented by the patients themselves, and in the case of persons under 15 years of age, or persons recognized incapable - of their parents or other legal representatives.

law guarantees the right to life."Health care workers are not allowed to meet the patient's request, his relatives or persons representing their interests, the acceleration of death" (Article 6).

citizen is guaranteed the right to freedom from discrimination (Article 7).Under the protection of get people with physical disabilities or mental disorders.They must issue assigned social benefits and privileges established by the full amount of necessary medical care;workplace is reserved for these citizen groups throughout the treatment period.

all patients are guaranteed equal access to all kinds of necessary medical care.But according to another law - freedom of choice - the patients can refuse f

rom medical services (eg, hospitalization).However, if the patient's health is endangered, refusal of admission shall be in writing.

Hospitalization without consent is allowed in the presence of infectious diseases that pose a danger of mass distribution (Article 31).

preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures can be carried out without the patient's consent, if his state of health and the interests of other persons health not allow the use of voluntary forms of medical care to him and (or) require compulsory medical treatment (Article 27).

humane law for patients suffering from severe pain.Guaranteed availability of pain medication to patients suffering from acute pain and terminally ill patients suffering from chronic pain.

not be used in relation to the patient's medicines of physical restraints and isolation in order to punish or to provide the convenience of staff in health facilities.

patient with the assistance of a doctor has the right to participate in the planning and implementation of treatment of the disease.In the case of patient chronic disease doctor must teach the patient to self-help methods, including the prevention, diagnosis and pre-medical ways to overcome the painful symptoms in order to preserve the patient's independence and the maximum capacity to function both at home and in society.

The patient has the right to obtain information on their health status, the modifications and additions.Information that a patient entrusted to the doctor or physician who has become known in the course of treatment, apply professional medical mystery.

law guarantees the right to receive all the necessary types and forms of care (emergency, primary and secondary).

patient is required:

  • be in communication with medical professionals respect and tact;
  • tell your doctor all the information needed for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, after giving consent to medical intervention to comply strictly with all requirements of the attending physician;
  • observe the internal regulations of health institutions, where he was to work with a doctor when receiving medical care;
  • immediately inform the doctor about the change in the state of their health in the process of diagnosis and treatment;
  • immediately consult a doctor if you suspect the presence or in the presence of the disease, representing the mass distribution of the danger;
  • not to take actions that could violate the rights of other patients.

question about the rights of the patients involved in the commission of Health authorities.

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