Dried figs : useful properties

Dried figs : useful properties
Figs - a delicious and nutritious fruit of the fig tree, which has become popular in Russia a few years ago.Useful properties of figs are most pronounced in the dried fruit.

Figs also referred to the fig tree, fig tree or figs.The fruit of this plant is also called wine berries.

Avicenna used the useful properties of dried figs in the treatment of malaria, measles, various tumors, skin diseases and believed that the infusion of figs able to heal from any poisoning.

figs homeland is West Asia, where in the end of XVI century, the plant has got to America, and in the XVII century - in Russia.Now there are more than 400 varieties of fig that grows in Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and on the southern coast of Crimea.

fig crop is usually abundant - up to 20 tons per 1 hectare.If desired, you can grow figs room, he looks like a normal ficus.However, there is a possibility that the fruit from such domesticated figs will not.

Useful properties of dried figs Dried figs

a tart-sweet flavor,

it is slightly viscous and contains numerous seeds.It is believed that the more seeds in figs, so it tastes better.

Fresh figs more juicy, but the useful properties of dried figs even more pronounced, because the dried fruit is concentrated in a huge supply of vitamins and minerals, particularly the necessary person in the autumn-winter period.

Dried figs has many useful properties, which depend on the presence of the following elements:

  • fiber;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • B vitamins;
  • calcium
  • ;
  • pectin.

Figs is a real champion on the content of fiber, essential for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.According to the content of potassium is second only to figs walnuts and iron it contains more than apples, so it is necessary to use all those who suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

polysaccharide pectin promotes rapid healing of connective tissues and is especially necessary for those who have recently had an injury.The thick syrup of figs with a little sugar improves digestion and helps you regain your appetite for both adults and children.

In addition, figs gives a feeling of satiety, relieves cravings for sweets, and thereby effectively prevents overeating.

On the other hand, figs can help and those who, on the contrary, wants to get better and need of nourishing diet: eating figs with almonds perfectly helps recuperate after hard work and intensive fitness.

Dried figs for medicinal purposes

Dried figs is useful when you cough, chest pain and all diseases of the lungs.Hypertensive and suffering from varicose veins, too, should pay attention to the useful properties of dried figs, because it contains ficin, which promotes the resorption of blood clots.

In the season of colds, flu and sore throat decoction of figs can be used instead of the newfangled drugs, which have a lot of side effects.To prepare a decoction of the need to take a few pieces of dried figs and boil them in water or milk.Drink chilled.

By the way, when purchasing dried figs is to choose small fruits, they are more tasty than the big ones.

To contraindicated dried figs

Despite the good taste of dried figs and their beneficial properties, it has a number of contraindications.It is impossible to use suffering from diabetes.Also, due to the high content of oxalic acid from it is to give patients with gout.

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