Red caviar : useful properties

Red caviar : useful properties
Red caviar - a truly unique product.It has an excellent taste, but this is not its only advantage.The use of red caviar has beneficial effects on the body due to its nutritional value and content of nutrients.

Red caviar - caviar is fish salmon species such as chum, pink salmon, salmon, trout, red salmon, subjected to special treatment.It differs in color, taste and size - depending on the species of fish.

Composition of red caviar

nutritional content of nutrients and make caviar a unique product.It is not surprising, because the eggs - it is fish eggs, containing all the necessary material in a concentrated amount for normal development of the embryo.

in red caviar contains:

  • proteins - 32%;
  • fats - 15%;
  • iodine, phosphorus, iron, potassium;
  • folic acid;
  • vitamins A, D, E;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Red caviar - a high-calorie product: 100 g contains about 250 kcal (more than in meat and milk).Protein caviar is very easy to digest, and fats contained in it, are extremely useful (polyunsatu

rated fatty acids omega-3).

Useful properties of red caviar

Due to the high content of proteins and other useful components, doctors recommend eating caviar as a tonic and preventive remedy for many diseases.

In addition, the use of red caviar:

  • improves blood circulation, which reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular disease;
  • stimulates the immune system and slows down the aging due to the content of lecithin;
  • helps to normalize metabolism;
  • helps strengthen bones and vision;
  • beneficial effect on the recovery process of the cells;
  • improves brain activity.

Red caviar is especially useful for pregnant and lactating women as well as children from three years old - in small quantities.

How to choose the right caviar

  • advisable to choose eggs from the production date from June to September: this is the spawning period, which means the raw materials used fresh, not frozen, which means more vitamins.
  • yellow or pale-orange calf means that eggs are likely to overripe.
  • small amount of liquid and dense eggs without plaque traces indicate that caviar quality.

Contraindications Due to the relatively high content of caviar of salt should not be abused people with kidney disease, hypertension, kidney stone disease and coronary heart disease.

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