A white patch on the gums : it

A white patch on the gums : it
Sometimes gums appear small white spots.Regardless of whether they cause pain or not, they should pay attention.

the gums may appear not only white spot, but a pimple, vesicle, or ulcer veins.

find out the reason it is necessary, because any formation on the gums, of any color, including white, indicates a possible disease.

What may be a white patch on the gums

  • touch because of unfair home cleaning teeth;
  • result of contact with the gums of the chemical bleach during a clinical whitening;
  • symptom of thrush, also called thrush (his reason - getting to the mucous membrane of the mouth of the fungus candida albicans);
  • white ulcer - a symptom of aphthous stomatitis, excited by both bacteria and viruses;
  • herpetic vesicles - a symptom of herpetic stomatitis, excited by the herpes simplex virus;
  • fistula through which the pus out of fabric, such as periodontitis;
  • wen - benign tumors;
  • symptom indicating the formation of cysts of the tooth;
  • symptom of gum cancer or precancerous conditions;
  • suppuration after tooth extraction;
  • mechanical or chemical damage to the gums;
  • symptom of calcium deficiency;
  • tooth (in the relevant child's age).

white patch on the gums, what do

easy to see that this feature may be associated with a variety of reasons.To go to the dentist should be in any case: to clarify the situation, to put the differential diagnosis and appropriate treatment can only be an experienced professional.

The most common symptom is a whitening gum stomatitis.When stomatitis on the gums formed first white spots, sores and swelling then, after the formation of which its treatment becomes more difficult and painful.It is therefore important to consult a doctor immediately, barely noticing the first symptom.

similar course of action is appropriate in the case of periodontitis: periodontitis with fistula may be a spot in the gums, into the tissue through which the infection can penetrate.

When thrush doctor will prescribe antifungal medications.

If the white spot appeared as a result of damage to the gums, you need to carefully examine your mouth and try to remember the reason for the origin of the spots.Damaging factors it is necessary to remove, possibly with the help of clinical experts.

Faced with symptoms of cancer or precancerous lesions, the dentist sends the tissue for a biopsy.Unlike malignant tumors, wen mostly safe, but you need to carefully follow him and seek medical advice in case of any changes.In no case do not try to get rid of it on its own.

tooth cyst is similar to the wen in that it also can not cause pain.But cyst, on the contrary, it is desirable to remove as soon as possible to protect yourself from harmful effects.Diagnostic tools in this case will serve as an x-ray.

Finally, if the white patch on the gums appeared after teeth whitening in the clinic, it is recommended to wait a couple of days and rinse your mouth with broth calendula.It is completely safe if no effect on the state of gum and takes 2-3 days.If not, I have yet to see a doctor.

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