Teeth whitening soda : folk recipes

Teeth whitening soda : folk recipes
Soda - a universal remedy, available in every home.Due to its cleansing properties soda is used in the home dental care methods, in particular their use for bleaching.

tooth color is determined by the color of the enamel.Enamel has many shades - from pure white to yellowish and Servatius, and not always white teeth speaks about their health.

often influenced by various factors originally white enamel darkens.

reasons for darkening teeth

  • smoking;
  • rare eating fresh vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • frequent consumption of coffee and black tea;
  • frequent consumption of foods containing dyes (eg, soft drinks).

methods of teeth whitening

  1. Professional tooth cleaning in the dental office is performed using ultrasound or laser.Professional cleaning is not only to whiten teeth and remove plaque and tartar are removed.Often it is quite an expensive procedure.
  2. Brushing special whitening toothpaste or gels (not recommended for permanent use them, as pastes and gels contain substances thinning enamel).
  3. Home teeth whitening.

methods home tooth whitening

Home teeth whitening is most often carried out by means of:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • soda;
  • fruit acids contained in lemons, cranberries, rosehips, strawberries.

Folk teeth whitening recipes using baking soda

  1. Squeeze on brush toothpaste, from above pour a little baking soda, brush your teeth.
  2. Dilute teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water, moisten the resulting solution or a cotton gauze and wipe the teeth.In
  3. tablespoon pour 1/2 tspsoda, 1/2 tsplemon juice and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, the resulting liquid is applied to the teeth.Rinse your mouth with warm water.After this procedure is not one hour.
  4. Tooth powder on the basis of soda 100 g of calcium carbonate, 1 tbspsoda, 1/2 tbspsalt, 12 drops of essential oil of peppermint 6 drops of essential oil of cinnamon mixed in a mixer or blender, stored in containers with tight-fitting lid.

Contraindications for bleaching teeth with baking soda

must remember that teeth whitening - a procedure that frequent use may cause severe thinning of the enamel and lead to the development of caries and sensitive teeth, as well as to a breach of oral microflora(this is fraught with the development of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the oral mucosa).

Therefore, you can not use home remedies for whitening and tooth cleaning, including by means of soda, more than once a week.

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