bowel injury

intestinal damage with closed abdominal trauma observed mainly from a drop in road accidents, and with a strong squeezing.

maximum number of traumatic injuries of the intestine always occurs during war time.Typically, this gunshot wounds, closed injuries that occur as a result of the impact of the blast wave.

In peacetime, intestinal damage in a closed abdominal trauma observed mainly from a drop in road accidents at strong squeezing.The extent of damage in these injuries can be different:. Bowel wall contusion, single (multiple) breaks etc.

Manifestations bowel

injuries in the diagnosis of closed abdominal trauma lesions are often joined together, which gives some difficulties in the correct diagnosis.

bowel rupture is manifested as acute abdominal pain at the time of injury, increased heart rate, abdominal palpation when there is pain, muscle tension of the abdominal wall.

Open intestinal damage occurs in cases of penetrating abdominal injuries: stab, gunshot inflicted by other sharp pierci

ng objects.

clinical picture of acute injuries in the intestine open lesions manifested as:

  • sharp pain in the gut;
  • intense vomiting;
  • rapid pulse (up to 100 beats per minute);
  • strong tension of the abdominal muscles;
  • tenderness.

main place in the diagnosis of public and private damage the intestine takes X-rays of the patient's abdominal cavity.This study makes it possible to identify the accumulation of fluid in the side of the abdomen, as well as the appearance of free gas, paralytic ileus.


intestinal damage Besides these injuries are diagnosed and wounds that are classified as consumer: damage to the intestines for fractures of the pelvic bones, operations in other organs during medical procedures are also possible damage to the intestinal foreign bodies, burns ulcers.

intestinal damage during medical procedures is divided into three groups:

  • light damage (cracks, excoriation);
  • moderate injury (damage to the intestine without damaging the integrity of the peritoneum);
  • high degree of severity of the injury (damage to the violation of the integrity of the abdominal organs and neighboring organs).

Mechanical damage to the rectum may occur during medical procedures: a rectal thermometer, inspection mirrors, during the cleansing and therapeutic enemas.

intestinal damage by foreign bodies usually occurs when foreign bodies enter the intestine their ingestion or introduction into the anus.Acute foreign bodies can cause perforation in the intestine with any further abscess formation, which is very often in surveys taken as a malignant tumor.

spontaneous rupture of the rectum occur with a significant increase in intra-abdominal pressure during heavy lifting, urination, defecation, with cough shock, shock in the stomach, during birth or in the fall.

Chemical burns to the colon and rectum are diagnosed when there is an erroneous introduction into the rectum of ammonia, sulfuric acid or other chemicals.

intestinal rupture from the effects of compressed air occurs as a result of careless handling of the hose, which is connected to a cylinder of compressed air.

most common intestinal ruptures are localized in places sigmoid curves, splenic flexure.The delay in the provision of medical aid to the victim, conduct operations contributes to the development of pelvic peritonitis.

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