Wisdom tooth is cut , what to do?

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of inconvenience, since they are often accompanied by the growth of unpleasant symptoms.If you have a wisdom tooth is cut, what to do in this case, of course, tell the doctor.But you can relieve the symptoms and at home.

Due to the fact that the wisdom tooth erupt much later than the rest of the teeth, namely twenty years from the beginning, this process is painful and time-consuming, and the question of "what to do?" For many becomes relevant.For an adult jaw is already formed, and there is no milk teeth at the site of a wisdom tooth.

Symptoms and complications of teething wisdom

main signs that you cut a wisdom tooth, putting the question of what to do with it, is an inflammation of the gums and severe pain, fever, bad breath.With the progression of the inflammatory process may appear swelling, pain on swallowing, and mouth opening, requiring immediate treatment to the dentist.So, if the wisdom tooth is cut, what to do if complications of this process?

One complication may make the inflammation so-called hood - mucosal site, partially covering the tooth.In the space between the tooth and the hood get food debris, causing pericoronitis - inflammation with suppuration and edema.

What if the wisdom tooth is cut with inflammation?Most likely, your doctor will propose excision of the hood or even remove the tooth.Lack of space for wisdom teeth can cause crowding of the teeth, ie,their displacement.

What if the wisdom tooth is cut with an offset on the cheek?Because the teeth are subsequently cause many problems, they are removed.

Methods facilitate

symptoms for many who have wisdom tooth is cut, what to do and how to fight - it is pertinent questions.The presence of inflammation is quite normal, if there are no complications and a high temperature.In this case, iewhen the wisdom tooth is cut "by all standards", the answer to the question "what to do?" would be the use of painkillers, disinfectants and rinsing the mouth with a solution of baking soda and salt with iodine.

question about removing wisdom tooth if it is cut is very painful, and you do not know what to do, can only be the case when other ways to alleviate suffering is not there.Wisdom tooth can be a support for the prosthesis in old age.

When a wisdom tooth is cut, what to do, tell you doctor.It is important to know that the tooth is located in a remote place, need to remove the bacteria, it is necessary to change the toothbrush.

How to treat wisdom teeth:

  • not warm cheek;
  • not apply to the tooth pain pills.

At home, if you can not currently see a specialist, ease the pain of wisdom teeth can erupt in such a way, as a gargle with antiseptics: a decoction of sage tincture of plantain, salt and soda solution with the addition of iodine.The liquid that is used should not be hot, it is best lukewarm.

Thus, the dental problem can largely be solved only by a dentist, a visit to it is still not worth the delay.To remove a tooth in modern medicine rarely resorted, but to the wisdom teeth is sometimes the only necessary solution, because they are rudimentary, inherited from ancestors.

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