dental Fluorosis

dental fluorosis is caused by excessive fluoride content in the body.With this disease affects people of those areas who use fluoride-rich drinking water.This process has several stages and shapes.

Fluorosis has been known since the 18th century, and the "complicity" of fluoride to the teeth of this disease established only in the 30s of the 19th century.The disease is endemic (characteristic of a particular area), with dental fluorosis affected enamel, which are formed spots and blemishes.

Causes and stages of fluorosis

As already mentioned, the main cause of dental fluorosis - the high content of fluorine in the body that comes with ordinary drinking water.On the tooth enamel defects appear in the form of spots or specks, which is why the disease used to be called "mottled teeth" or "speckled enamel."When professional fluorosis disease associated with exposure to harmful fluoride.

dental fluorosis has several stages (forms):

  • initial;
  • spotted;
  • chalky-speckled;
  • erosive;
  • destructive.

In the initial stage on the enamel of the tooth appear faint white strokes.Spotted form of destruction of tooth enamel is characterized by a smooth and shiny surface stains.In chalky-speckled stage these spots become yellow tinge, the rough surface of the enamel.Erosive and destructive stage of dental fluorosis of enamel are characterized by the loss of enamel, leading to the destruction of the crown.

Treatment and prevention of dental fluorosis

Of course, the first stage of treatment and prevention - is to reduce fluoride entering the body.This will stop the dental fluorosis.In the first two stages of the affected teeth can whiten fluorosis, that is to equalize the color stains and tooth enamel, or enamel remineralized (treat teeth remineralizes drugs).If you have dark spots to save the tooth from dental fluorosis may be applying orthopedic design - crowns, porcelain veneers, Lumineers.

Because dental fluorosis longer occurs in children, for the prevention of this disease should adhere to the norms of a balanced diet, replace the water with milk, eat foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, as these trace elements fluorine withdrawn from the body.

enamel lesions can be avoided by going to other regions with the aim to change the water source.Toothpastes without fluoride is recommended to choose the content, so as not to provoke the defeat of fluoride tooth enamel.

If you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth, it is advisable to control the fluorine enters the body, eat more dairy products, fruits, which are rich in vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, replace the water with a high fluorine content for bottled.Recommended help young children during brushing because they may then swallow the toothpaste.

To prevent occupational fluorosis is necessary to eliminate exposure to harmful for teeth in the production of fluorine compounds, pay special attention to personal protection.

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