dental hygiene

beauty and well-groomed appearance is impossible without the enchanting snow-white smile.After all, a person's face with a radiant smile - this is a real business card for all of life's situations.Therefore, dental hygiene in the struggle for beauty should occupy an important place.

dental hygiene, we are taught to pay attention to early childhood.This aspect of health is composed of a variety of factors.

Toothpaste and brush - important tools in creating a beautiful smile

course, to have a healthy and beautiful teeth, they must be cleaned twice a day.Proper dental care involves careful selection of toothpaste and brush.Toothpastes are divided into hygienic and curative and preventive.The latter differ from the first in that, except for cleaning and imparting freshness, they warn, many oral diseases.

Hygiene teeth depends on the correct choice of toothbrush.It is important to take into account the stiffness of the brush that is right for you.Change the brush every three months, since the bristles c

an be a hotbed for the spread of bacteria, while about dental hygiene and can be no question.

Brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees scraping, ejector movements.The bristles should gently touch the edges of the gums, thus making and massage.

Also proper use of paste and brushes, oral care and provide other methods.

In the struggle for a dazzling smile

Compliance with certain regulations in addition to the daily cleaning of the teeth allows to protect yourself from unpleasant problems with teeth and gums.Dentists recommend after each meal floss (floss).After we clean your teeth in the morning and evening, and bacteria can multiply during the day, so it is helpful to remove food debris between teeth zastrvshie oral hygiene.

lot of trouble sometimes deliver plaque.Dental care includes visits to the dentist every six months to remove plaque and prevent other dental problems.

Those important dental hygiene can enjoy a variety of rinses, which are anti-inflammatory and anticaries agents, as well as prevent the formation of tartar.

Hygiene teeth provides for the elimination of unpleasant odors.To help in this can a decoction of Hypericum flowers or mint, which is rinsed his mouth.Yellowing of teeth can remove the baking soda with lemon juice than a couple of times a week is recommended to brush your teeth.After a meal for dental hygiene is helpful to eat an apple, which will help remove plaque and food debris.

Professional teeth cleaning with medical complex will maintain a perfect dental hygiene.

So, here are the main components of dental health:

  • double-entry daily cleaning;
  • rinse;
  • flossing;
  • visits to the doctor 2 times a year.

Observance of these simple rules will get rid of those problems that can be associated with our teeth.The snow-white smile will complete your image of a successful and self-confident person!

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