The danger of stress.How dangerous stress?

How dangerous stress
How dangerous stress?It is an excuse of people who are simply tired of life, or a disease that becomes a real "plague" of the modern world?So whether it is dangerous as they say?

stress danger in the modern world are concerned, perhaps, of all people, that the rhythm of life forces to be in constant motion.For some, stressful situations can be a stimulus for further action, and others do not know how to avoid nervous shock.It is important at the outset to realize that it's time to change something in their lives.Perhaps it is necessary to devote more time to himself and his own desires?Or do you need to find something for everyone, thanks to which you can brighten your free time?In any case, the stress must be fought.First you need to figure out what is the danger of stress.

How dangerous stress

  • psychological threat.Even slight stress symptoms are a danger to humans, as the negative effect on his daily life.This can manifest itself in irritability, unfounded fears and fears, developing into a real
    aggression, if the situation really started;
  • physiological threat.If the human body is constantly exposed to emotional stress, it is possible exacerbation of chronic diseases (such as diseases of the stomach, intestine or skin, as well as cardiovascular diseases);
  • appearance addictions.Danger of stress lies in the fact that a person in this condition may start smoking or drinking.First it looks quite harmless, but later it may lead to misuse and hence to poor health.Also, some people tend to stick stress, which leads not only to weight gain and obesity.
  • Learning about how and how dangerous stress, you need to apply the appropriate preventive measures.

Limiting the negative effects of stress

Those who realized what dangerous stress, should try to change the external circumstances of his life.For example, to change jobs or social circle.But the most important thing - to change their attitude towards stressful situations, learn to control emotional outbursts.

Here are some ways to reduce the severity of stress:

  • to relieve muscle tension, take it a rule to do physical exercises.They will help get rid of depression, raise good spirits and just distract from the urgent problems;
  • to relax, you can start attending yoga classes, meditate, or engage in auto-training.All this reduces the heart rate and neutralize negative thoughts, as well as lower blood pressure;
  • try to talk.As a companion, you can choose not only a psychologist or therapist, but also a close friend.For those who are used to keep everything in yourself, it will not be easy, so you can help to maintain a personal diary.

know what stress is dangerous, it is best to start as soon as possible to prevent it.The sooner you begin prevention of stress, the sooner we can expect positive results.Your morale will return to normal, respectively, adjusted and everyday life.

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