Hypertension : Influence on eye health

Pathological changes of the fundus vessels are one of the symptoms of hypertension.These changes can detect the doctor a careful examination of the eye of the patient bed.

Although usually high blood pressure does not lead to pronounced ophthalmic symptoms, but hypertension can exhibit some deviation in eye function (reduced visual acuity, hemorrhages occur in the conjunctiva).

To eliminate the violations mentioned in the retina is usually sufficient to reduce the blood pressure.However, in some cases it is necessary to conduct a special course of treatment of ophthalmologic, particularly when the disorder is accompanied by other diseases (diabetes, glaucoma, etc.).

However, the health of the eye and the development of hypertension are interrelated.The researchers found that students who spend too much time watching TV and sitting behind a computer, developing eye narrowing of the arteries.A feature of this future development of cardiovascular diseases.The more time a child spends on the computer or

TV, the higher the risk of hypertension.


According to researchers from the University of Sydney Bamini Gopinata, changes in blood vessels in the retina of the eye indicates the level of the body's vascular health in general, and especially the heart.The narrowing of the blood vessels of the eye leads to hypertension and heart disease.

Australian scientists were surveyed 1.5 thousand. Children six years.It considers how much time they were playing active games, as well as - in the computer.Using photographs, doctors have calculated the average width of the eye vessels.

found that children spend about two hours at the TV screens or computers, and only half an hour paid mobile games.The guys who paid mobile games longer ocular vessels were greater than those who were less active.

«We found that the higher risk of narrowing of the blood vessels of the eye are children, conducted at the TV screens more than 1.5 hours," - says Dr. Gopinat.

Every hour of the TV or the computer leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, which is celebrated with an increase in systolic blood pressure by 10 mm Hg.Art.Accordingly, outdoor games children beneficial to the prevention of hypertension.

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