Asthma and estrogen levels

Female sex hormones have a great effect on the severity of the asthma.

Bronchial asthma - a chronic disorder of the airways, which is based on hyperreactivity of the bronchial tree.In the Russian Federation it sick about 5-7% of the population.

disease develops mostly in childhood, but it is possible its beginning and in adults.Both sexes suffer equally often, but women the disease is often much harder.

The dangerous disease

in patients with bronchial asthma has increased the sensitivity of the bronchi to various allergens.This library can be dust, pollen, desquamated epithelium.In each case a set of factors provoking her.

bronchi react to them excessive, excessive defensive reaction - spasm.There asthma attack, in which the patient is much more difficult to exhale than inhale.To facilitate exhale, tighten the muscles of the neck, chest, upper body.Due to lack of oxygen the face, especially the nasolabial triangle, becomes cyanotic hue.

If you do not take action, then choking attack can go to

the asthmatic status.This condition is extremely dangerous for the patient, as it is often fatal.

Features of bronchial asthma in women

In most cases, women suffer from the disease harder than men.This is due to cyclical fluctuations in the level of female sex hormones, which have a direct impact on the development of bronchospasm.The main role here belongs to the estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogens in general adversely affect the bronchi.They provoke a spasm of smooth muscles both due to its influence, and indirectly, by stimulating the release of histamine.Furthermore, we have shown that estrogens promote the increase in bronchial mucosa cells cause changes in the lung tissue, leading to an increase in pulmonary resistance.

Progesterone, in turn, has the opposite effect.It expands the lumen of the bronchioles and improves ventilation of them, increases the depth of breathing.

Bronchial asthma and menstrual phases

phase of the menstrual cycle have a clear cyclical hormonal fluctuations.There is the concept of the so-called premenstrual asthma.It is associated with the occurrence of pathological second phase of the cycle, when the high estrogen levels associated with low progesterone levels due to insufficient luteal activity.As a result, the likelihood of attack increases significantly during this period.

Pregnancy and asthma

Given that the main pregnancy hormone is progesterone, many women have become easier for asthma.This is especially noticeable in the last four weeks before the birth.However, often due to hormonal fluctuations patient's condition, on the contrary, it worsens the attacks are becoming more frequent.

physician is necessary to closely monitor such moments and to appoint the necessary treatment on time.It should be remembered that the mother oxygen deficiency will inevitably impact on the child.Therefore, pregnancy must be strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

Menopause and asthma

menopause is quite a difficult time for a woman's health.Rising hormone imbalance affects almost all organs and systems, including the bronchi.Sometimes asthma for the first time it occurs in menopause.

Often there is a need to appoint a replacement therapy female sex hormones.In these cases the physician should be aware of the likelihood of worsening of bronchial asthma in the use of estrogen drugs.This often requires an increase in the dose of corticosteroid hormones.

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