Travel bag: selection rules

Travel bag: selection rules
If in the morning a person feels overwhelmed, worried about his headache, stiffness in the shoulders and neck, inability to move, the reason for this may be the wrong pillow.

When selecting pillows for sleeping should be based on four criteria: the size, density, shape and filling.

cushions Size: consider about choosing

Pillow is designed for the head and neck, so the most optimal size for it - the standard 70x70 cm or 50x70 cm With a height to be a little closer..The pillow should not be too high, otherwise the head all the time will be tilted to the chest, and then suffer the cervical spine, after a dream any neck pain.

pillow is too low, too, it brings a lot of harm.To sleep properly, the spine muscles must relax completely, for this they need support in the form of pillows.It is enough to lift the back of the head just above the bottom of the body, 5-10 cm, and rest assured the spine.

Exceptionally high pillow is also needed.Sleep with your head elevated is recommended for people who have b

reathing problems (chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pnevmoskleroze, apnea).When this pad should be 15 cm or more.

density and elasticity of pillows

Soft airbag does not support the head and keeps it below an acceptable level, so it is not very suitable for sleeping.When a person turns to the side, lying on a pillow, his head leaning to shoulder.The spine adopts the correct position, resulting in a sore neck muscles.

Ideal - when the airbag provides the angle between the shoulder and neck, lying on its side 90 degrees.However, this does not mean that you need to choose a tight and dense cushion.On the basis of rigid body also rests.Therefore it is necessary to stop the choice on the pillow, which is easily and quickly returns prominaetsya previous form.


pillows Recently manufacturers offer different forms of pillows, but the best option - a classic.Square or rectangular pillow allows the body to turn any number and take any position, with the head and neck are always on the pillow.Benefit is obvious: the muscles at the same time relaxed and numb, as the body changes position during the night.

Orthopedic pillows, thanks to the special shape follows the natural curves of the human body.In them there is a recess for the neck, and roll under the neck, but the spin on these cushions in a dream, trying to take a comfortable position, it is impossible.

All because orthopedic pillows intended for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.Patients spend some time on them for medicinal purposes, but go to sleep at the correct traditional pillow.

filler cushions

inner content pillow is also important.Natural fillings (down, feathers) deformed over time, can cause an allergic reaction, they can easily be fed bed mites.Therefore it is better to choose a pillow with synthetic filling (padding polyester, holofayber), which holds its shape well and is safe for people with allergies.

can use pillows and combined carrier.As such a perfectly buckwheat husks.It is natural, not dangerous for people with allergies, non-caking, well ventilated, do not start mites in it.

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