White spots on teeth : Causes

White spots on teeth : Causes
about the health of the whole body can be reliably judged by the teeth, more precisely the color of tooth enamel.Each person is unique, this color, but if the teeth start to appear any spot, it is a deviation from the norm.

White spots on teeth - enamel is an area on which part of the mineral layer on the enamel of the tooth hurts.This site becomes dull and ceases to shine.This phenomenon may be the result of congenital or acquired diseases.

reasons for the appearance of white spots on teeth

  1. Caries - always begins with damage to the top layer of the tooth enamel and may first appear as a white spot on the tooth.
  2. Fluorosis - evident, if the body is exceeded, and the fluorine content may appear in people living in areas where the water is fluoridated too.
  3. hypoplasia - in violation of the structure of tooth enamel: in primary teeth can be caused by disorders in prenatal development (maternal toxicosis, disturbances in digestion, borne viral diseases during pregnancy);permanent teeth occurs due to i
    nfectious diseases carried over the complex, in violation of endocrine and digestive systems of the body.

How to eliminate white spots on teeth

If you find white spots on the teeth in the near future it is necessary to turn to the dentist.

If the cause of the white spots on the tooth is a tooth decay, it is necessary to heal.

hypoplasia can be resolved by restoring the affected areas of the tooth in conjunction with the completion of the minerals in the human body and in the tooth enamel.In this case the doctor may prescribe medication or special mineral administering drugs by electrophoresis.

children with milk teeth, the doctor prescribes a special diet, which includes foods with high calcium content, and can further be applied to the tooth enamel milk protective coating (silver).

If the cause of white spots on teeth is dental fluorosis, then get rid of them the hardest.Visually visible stains can be removed by the restoration, but that the disease has not progressed further, you need to follow a certain diet and rules:

  • use toothpastes that contain fluoride;
  • exclude from the fluorinated products (fish, spinach, walnuts, etc.).

dental diseases are insidious, and if time does not eliminate their causes, it is possible not only to deprive the attractiveness of your teeth, but in the end remain without them.

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