For smoking punished caries

For smoking punished caries
Bad habits can affect the health of your teeth.

bad habits teeth suffer no less than other organs.Alcohol, tobacco and sweets in large quantities can destroy the healthiest teeth.And even high-quality oral health care - Use a good toothpaste and regular professional cleaning - will not save the situation.

Alcohol Excessive alcohol consumption significantly reduces the immunity of the person, and it affects all organ systems, including on the periodontium.For those who regularly consume alcohol, change processes salivation and metabolism, which also leads to disruption of the integrity of the enamel.

erosion of dental hard tissues is of several types - pathologic, chronic, localized.This disease is difficult to treat and often leads to increased tooth sensitivity and a spontaneous loss of seals.


Even professional cleaning only temporarily relieves nicotine plaque.However, plaque is not the main problem of smokers.Apart from purely cosmetic defects, smoking causes serious diseases of t

he gums and teeth.Because cigarettes blood circulation in the gums that causes the atrophy of the mucous membranes.Smokers are more likely to occur chronic gingivitis and chronic periodontitis.

addiction to cigarettes leads to a gradual destruction of the teeth, so the smokers much earlier acquire dentures than nonsmokers.In addition, the healing process after dental treatment in smokers is delayed for a longer period than that of leading a healthy lifestyle.


abuse sweets and chocolate can not only add extra centimeters in the waist, but also cause significant damage to the teeth.

Sugar is no less formidable enemy for periodontal than alcohol or nicotine.Particularly strong influence on periodontal toffees and other chewy candy, pieces of which are permanently stuck in the interdental spaces, creating pockets of reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.Caramel, chocolate and candies based on it is also very harmful to the teeth due to the high sugar content.

If the sweet is very difficult to give up, you should choose dark chocolate, which has antiseptic properties and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

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