Dr. Ducane and diet

Dr. Ducane and diet
«Eat all you want!" - Such is the paradoxical slogan diet French nutritionist Pierre Duc.In the 70s of the last century Ducane developed his system of weight loss and told what to eat to lose weight.

Pierre Ducane began to develop his weight loss technique in the 70s of the last century.It all started with one patient who is obese and desperate to lose weight, but to give up meat categorically did not want to.Then the doctor advised him to Ducane a week there is one only meat low-fat varieties.Imagine his surprise when, in weighing the balance of the patient through the week showed less than 5 kg.

Ducane realized that the success of weight loss lies in the high content of protein in meat, and began his studies.After the gradual changes and additions to the set of products he has created a power system that is characterized by simplicity and austerity.This diet Pierre Ducane described in the book "I do not know how to lose weight", which for decades were on the top of the bestseller rankings.

principle Dukan Diet on Weight Loss

Dyukanu based on such a concept as "correct weight".This is the weight that has to be a person, if it is normal health.Following special calculations, each person can determine your ideal weight.

French nutritionist has made its power supply system in four phases, differing set of products and duration.

  1. The first two phases - "Attack" and "alternation" - will help you quickly lose weight.
  2. last phase - "Fixing" and "stabilization" - is not allowed to return discarded kilograms.

Protein diet

Dukan Diet can rightly be called diverse, as it includes one hundred of permitted foods that can be eaten in any quantity.

the first phase, which lasts depending on the desired weight loss rate, from 1 to 10 days and can only eat protein products.Ducane compiled a list of 72 products, which includes:

  • lean meats and poultry;
  • offal;
  • fish and seafood;
  • lean ham;
  • eggs;
  • low fat dairy products.

Prerequisites diet - daily drink half a liter of pure water is 1.5 Art.l.bran.This will help fight hunger, to further reduce the calorie content of food and cleanse the body.Rule of the necessary volume of water consumed, Ducane diet resembles a drinking diet, which is also considered by nutritionists is very effective.

Dr. Ducane chose chistobelkovuyu diet attack phase because of protein digestion is accompanied by a considerable energy consumption.For example, to process 100 g of protein, the body needs 30 calories of energy.At 100 grams of carbohydrate digestion the body expends only 7 kcal.

Protein diet brings the body much less harm than carbohydrate diet or a diet based on the consumption of fats: Losing weight does not threaten either diabetes or atherosclerosis, or muscle atrophy.Protein drowns out hunger and facilitates fluid removal from the body.

Dukan Diet hundred slimming products

At the second stage the diet to the protein products are added to the vegetables.Allowed tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage.Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, beans, peas, corn, banned.Ducane advised to eat vegetables raw, cook them steamed, baked, make different salads.

fill salads recommended:

  • paraffin oil;
  • balsamic vinegar;
  • nonfat yogurt;
  • cheese.

obligatory dose of bran increases to 2 tbsp.l.

Ducane advised at this point to alternate protein and protein and vegetable days.Easier to carry the scheme "one to one": one day of protein, the other - a protein and vegetable.If you love vegetables, you are also suitable vegetable diet, which is one of the "not hungry" methods of weight loss.

second stage Ducane diet longer than the first, because weight loss is not as fast as in the attack phase.If the first stage diet can save up to 1 kg per day, during the second stage typically takes the kilogram per week.So count the duration of the second stage should be based on how much is left to lose.After the alternation of protein-protein and vegetable days people reaches its proper weight.

Dukan Diet: consolidate the results

Dukan Diet is not a diet should be called in the narrow sense of the word (diet for weight loss), and the power system, and even in a sense, a way of life.To get and maintain your ideal weight with this diet is possible, but it will have to follow the rules of life.However, the last two stages - "Fixing" and "stabilization" - very simple, and observe them in the cellar.

These hundred products - is the foundation of power for life, said Duc.In the third stage added to them bread, cheese, fruit, twice a week, rice, pasta from durum wheat, lentils are rich in slow carbohydrates.

third stage of the diet lasts for a long time: to secure every kilogram thrown, it is necessary to spend 10 days.For example, if losing weight dropped 6 kg, the duration of the third phase is 60 days.

Dukan Diet: fasting days

At the end of the third stage of the Dukan Diet you can eat anything you want.Except for one day a week (Ducane prefers Thursday).On this day, to go back to the first stage, setting up something like the handling of the day and eating only protein foods.Do not forget about the bran, advises nutritionist: their daily ration should be 3 tbsp.l.Bran can be added to a dairy, as well as prepare them to pancakes and cakes.

Exercise at Ducane

diet Another important condition for the observance of this diet - be in motion.Ducane recommended to make at least a twenty-minute walk every day.Also recommended light exercise 3 times a week: swimming, pilates, cycling, shaping.It is necessary to abandon the exercise of power, if you do not engage in sports and you do not have the necessary training.A large number of protein and physical activity can adversely affect your health.

Dukan Diet: contraindications

As with any other diet, the system power Ducane have contraindications, because it is unbalanced.

abandon it is to those who have not yet reached the age of 18, women with menstrual cycle disorders, pregnant or lactating.

Do not comply Ducane diet for people suffering from diabetes, gout, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, those whose work requires intense mental or physical labor.

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