Ninth Month ( 36-40 weeks )

last weeks of intrauterine development, the child is committed to weight gain and strength for the upcoming birth.Fluff with its body surface disappears and he becomes pink and plump.His lungs are ready to extrauterine life.And very soon he will be born ...

Last month lasts from 37 th to 41 th week, counting from the date of the last menstrual period.Baby moves less and less, and there are several reasons.First, of course, it is that it is already very close to the uterus.The second - in decreasing towards the end of pregnancy the amount of amniotic fluid.And the third - in the uterine activity that increasingly squeezes the baby, preparing for childbirth.

this month with the baby's skin and lanugo disappear - either fully or partially - vernix.The kid has a large enough and has accumulated a sufficient amount of adipose tissue in order to carry out their own thermoregulation.Sometimes syrovidnaya grease is determined by the child's body after birth, but it should not be much.A large amount of lubric

ant at birth is one of the symptoms of the immaturity of the newborn.In addition, your child's fingernails are actively growing, so be prepared to cut them in the first day after birth, because almost all children at birth nails are too long.

37th week of pregnancy 38th week of pregnancy 39th week beremennosti40 beremennosti41 Week Week Week beremennosti42 beremennosti42 weeks or more

Fruit occupies a position in which he will emerge into the light.Typically, this period is not changing, although rare exceptions occur.In addition, as the preparation of the birth canal presenting part of the fetus begins to descend and "pressed to the entrance to a small basin", that is, takes the optimum position for the onset of labor.It is manifested by the fact that the bottom of the uterus drops below, and you will become much easier to breathe.

your child's eyes are not the color, but in the coming days painting the iris change.All babies are born with the same pigmented blue eyes, constant color they acquire during their first year of life.

All organs and your baby's systems are functioning properly and in full.His lungs are also ready to get to work.Now the time of birth of the child depends only on himself.

changes in mother's body

During the last month of pregnancy, pelvic bones are actively preparing for the upcoming birth.Normally, the pelvic bones are connected by fixed, but in order to ensure the child comfortable and less traumatic for the promotion of the birth canal to birth, they become partially movable.This is achieved by swelling of the cartilage, which is a part of the pelvic joints.Modified cartilage allows bones are quite apart, when you need it baby.The majority of pregnant women is associated with pain in the pelvic bones and most often in the area of ​​the pubic joint.Normally, the pain should not be excessive.Often, on the background of these changes in the pelvic ring there is a pathological condition called symphysis or simfiziopatiya.It is characterized by a sharp pain when pressing, especially when walking, the emergence of "duck" gait waddling.This condition requires further diagnosis and treatment, and in some cases due to the major changes in the pelvic joints and pubic symphysis high risk of rupture during labor, doctors recommend their patients cesarean section.

But the process of cartilage changes, alas, can not be local.The changes affect all the cartilage of the articular surfaces, which is why on this term often, pain and dysfunction of many large joints, most commonly the knee and hip.Be careful in any case, do not expose themselves to physical stress!Remember that overstrained now, you risk losing your health for a lifetime.

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Ninth Month ( 36-40 weeks )
August 12, 2017

last weeks of intrauterine development, the child is committed to weight gain and strength for the upcoming birth.Fluff with its body surface di...