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37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant
37 weeks of pregnancy already causes you a lot of discomfort.But soon everything will be resolved ...

37 week of pregnancy your baby is now an increase of 46.6 cm and weighs about 2 612 Height of uterus - about 36 cm above the vagina.

almost completely disappear hairs that covered all of the child's body, as well as most of the syrovidnoy lubrication.Typically, at the time of the birth of many children has been a slight amount of lubricant.

37 week of pregnancy: Mom and baby

Most likely, the position and presentation of the child is already final.Although it is in a period of 37 weeks of pregnancy, some doctors offer their patients with breech produce external cephalic version.

During this manipulation the doctor tries to bring the child out of the breech in the head.At first glance it may seem a simple manipulation and safe, but it is not.

In most clinics had to give up due to the fact that it is the cause of a number of complications such as premature rupture of membranes, and placental abrup


Therefore, if you decide to take the offer to your doctor, make sure that in case of any complications due time you will have expert help.

A better think once again - worth the risk, because the birth vaginally in breech position are also possible.

This term pregnancy already causes you a lot of discomfort.Firstly, much belly grew substantially limit your activity.Sometimes you can not even put shoes on themselves!

Second, the uterus and the stomach backs unable to eat very little.Therefore, at 37 weeks of pregnancy is necessary to eat often and little by little.

Third, even if until now you had no edema, they tend to appear on this term.Before birth swelling occur in almost all women, the reason for that prenatal hormones.

And fourthly, the presenting part of your baby (head or pelvic end) are beginning to put pressure on the bladder, constantly stimulating the receptors.The result is not passing feeling of a full bladder.

All these inconveniences, coupled with the recurrent "training" fights, provoking many moms desire to give birth soon.But to rush things not worth it!After all, a child in this period, is still immature, despite the fact that all the bodies have been formed, and it is quite large in size.

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