Sociopath : Diagnosis

Antisocial disorder is not detected during the surveys and analyzes.The main method of diagnosis is to assess the patient's mental state during his interrogation and interviewing.

Despite the fact that antisocial personality disorder is quite rare and virtually impossible to treat, its diagnosis is important, especially in the differential diagnosis of this disease.

Sami patients with sociopathy seek help is extremely rare, and symptoms of the disease (aggressive behavior, ignoring the social norms surrounding the manipulation and indifference to the feelings of others) can cause more harm to others than to the patient.

However, in some cases, if the failure to fully interact with people and be concerned about their society, patients are turning to the experts themselves.


antisocial disorder To be diagnosed "antisocial personality disorder" is necessary if the patient has symptoms of personality disorder as:

  • abnormal style of behavior that prevents lead a normal full life;
  • behavioral disturbances, difficulties in establishing personal relationships;
  • changes in the processes of thinking and perception, affective, impulsive;
  • disorder affects the patient's life, interferes with the normal socialization of professional activity;
  • appearance of symptoms in childhood or adolescence, continuing into adulthood.

In addition, for the diagnosis also need to have at least three symptoms from the following list:

  • irresponsibility and disregard for social rules and standards, as well as other people's feelings;
  • indifference and callousness towards other people;
  • inability to form attachments and relationships, as well as to support them;
  • tendency to aggression, violence and cruelty;
  • lack of a sense of guilt, inability to learn from their mistakes;
  • tendency to charge others and justify their own misconduct.

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