Skin sensitivity in children with hearing impairment

Cutaneous sensations occur in humans by direct contact of the skin and some object.To compensate deafness are important vibratory sensations.In

environmental vibrations are propagated through the vibration of objects, causing the movement of both in water and in the air.At the same time direct influence on the process of a person does not have.

People do not have any relation to the source of vibration, but with the help of these same vibrations can judge the environmental aspects of reality.Receiving information at a distance.For people with hearing loss is especially important, since they are deprived of a means of distant perception of the world - hearing.

vibratory sensation not only help people with hearing completely overwhelmed, but also in part by his loss.At the same time at full deafness need a more intimate contact with the vibration source.

To vibration still become deaf to the means of knowledge, we need a serious hard work of psychologists, educators and parents.A small child can not

allocate vibrating sensations of their total mass.Only with systematic work when the child's attention focused on the pay vibrating objects, the vibration becomes a source of information.For a child's development it is very important to establish his ability to distinguish objects vibrating and vibration free, as well as the ability to locate the source of the vibration.

As a result of this work, deaf children can easily identify the source of the vibration.It has been found that they are twice as fast to cope with such a task, and they have noted a significant increase in vibration sensitivity as compared to the normal hearing children.

Thus, the total loss of hearing sensitivity is increased vibration, and with improved ability to hear it becomes less distinct.Systematic exercise can improve the vibration sensitivity.

Development vibration sensitivity is of great importance in the formation of speech and pronunciation.Some of the vibrations can be seen at the presentation to the child hands over her mouth or throat of the speaker.a variety of technical means can be used for the same purpose.At the same time allow the child to feel the vibration characteristics of speech such as tone, pitch, speed.Deaf people using vibration also monitor their own speech.

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