Inflammation of the wisdom tooth : Symptoms

Inflammation of the wisdom tooth : Symptoms
wisdom tooth inflammation associated with its complicated eruption.If he does not cut through to the end, and gingiva hanging tooth, forming a pocket - a favorable place for germs, it develops perikoronarit.

most common pathology of erupting wisdom teeth - inflammation in the surrounding tissues.The lack of sufficient space for the eighth tooth in the series makes it difficult, and sometimes even make it impossible to exit "eight".

crown appeared wisdom tooth is often veiled mucous gums.As a result, the top of the tooth is formed a so-called "hood" permanently traumatized during chewing.Accumulates under the "hood" microbes also contribute to the development of inflammation, called perikoronaritom.

Symptoms wisdom tooth inflammation around erupting

At the beginning of the disease in complicated erupting wisdom teeth appear the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the gums surrounding the wisdom tooth;
  • a bad taste in the mouth;
  • smell from a tooth caused by the formation of pus and its release from
    under the "hood";
  • growing aching pain in the wisdom tooth, often radiating to the temple, ear.

With the development of the wisdom tooth inflammation symptoms begin to intensify.By growing pains can join the following symptoms of the disease.

  1. Difficulty opening the mouth until the complete impossibility of opening the jaws due to the spread of edema in the masseter muscle.Such inflammation development requires immediate treatment to the dentist.
  2. Painful swallowing.This symptom indicates an unfavorable development of purulent abscess in the "eight" is closer to the root of the tongue.There is a risk of cellulitis (diffuse purulent inflammation).
  3. Fever.The degree of temperature rise depends on the severity of the inflammation of the tooth of wisdom.Low-grade fever (37-37,5 ° C) can also be observed when it is uncomplicated eruption.However, in developing perikoronarita temperature often rises to 38 ° C.
  4. dramatic swelling and soft tissue infiltration in the area of ​​the wisdom tooth.
  5. swelling cheeks.
  6. inflammation, increase and morbidity of regional lymph nodes.
  7. Severe pain.Aching tooth in the area is growing with the development of inflammation.Touching the cheek with a sore hand provokes a shooting pain, of referred to the ear or head.
  8. sudden cessation of pain while maintaining the rest of the symptoms may indicate a rupture of the capsule purulent abscess that requires immediate treatment in a hospital.
  9. Against the background of the inflammatory process is the crumbling of dental nearby tissues of the tooth, its displacement or destruction.
  10. development of an abscess in the periosteum.

lack of adequate treatment for wisdom tooth inflammation will lead to the spread of pus on the soft tissue with the formation of an abscess or cellulitis.As a result, the situation can be corrected only by surgical intervention in a hospital.

carious lesions wisdom tooth

erupting wisdom teeth, there is also the problem of the rapid destruction of its enamel.Often the cavities are formed even before the complete tooth out of the gums.

Besides inaccessibility even fully erupted wisdom tooth complicates his daily hygiene.In this case, the tooth damage and inflammation wisdom is faster and more active than conventional dental caries.

symptoms of such inflammation may be a reaction to the cold-hot, and pain when chewing hard food.

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