Millet : useful properties

Millet : useful properties
Millet - produced from millet cereal, considered one of the most valuable cereals.Due to its beneficial properties, it must exist in the townspeople table.

most common millet yellow, and just know that it happens, and red, and gray, and white.However, it is millet sunny color of which turns a wonderful crumbly porridge - the most delicious, nourishing, and has the largest number of useful properties.

Millet: the important substances

basic vitamins and minerals contained in millet:

  • vitamin B1, contributing to the overall tone and courage;
  • vitamin B2, eliminating acne and skin is an unpleasant phenomenon, like dandruff;
  • vitamin B5, which regulates metabolic processes of proteins, carbohydrates and fats;
  • vitamin B6 is necessary for pregnant women and normalizes the heart muscle;
  • vitamin B9, which plays an important role in the process of hematopoiesis;
  • vitamin PP to help keep the skin in good condition and promotes appetite;
  • iron that prevents anemia;
  • manganese, promote metabolism;
  • potassium, useful for the heart;
  • magnesium, which increases endurance;
  • copper, opposes the formation of wrinkles;
  • fluorine necessary for dental health.

Useful properties of millet Millet

necessarily need to include in the diet of the inhabitants of large cities, as it effectively rids the body of toxins, heavy metal ions and impurities.

Useful properties of wheat to help lose weight.In spite of the high caloric content (348 kcal, 11.5 g protein, 3.3 g fat and 69.3 grams of carbohydrates per 100 g of product), millet is very easy to digest and is a part of dietary rations.Therefore, millet porridge can afford even a full-bodied people: it is not only not conducive to the formation of fatty deposits and, on the other hand, has a strong lipotropic action (promotes the breakdown of fat) and prevents the deposition of cholesterol plaques.

millet porridge is recommended to regularly take food to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, it has problems with the liver and pancreas.


contraindications contraindications to use a little millet.Rather, it makes sense to talk about some limitations of using millet grits with:

  • pregnancy;
  • inflammation of the colon;
  • reduced stomach acidity;
  • hypothyroidism.

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