Dried apricots : useful properties

Dried apricots : useful properties
Not everyone knows that is not just a tasty apricots dried fruit.It strengthens the immune system and makes it easier for many diseases.

In winter, especially the human body needs nutrients, and buying fruit is often seen in the simplest way out.However, fruits that are on the shelves of modern supermarkets, look attractive, but not always useful.

Dried fruits, in contrast, is stored in all the biologically active substances so necessary to man.One of the most useful of dried fruit is considered to be dried apricot.

Dried apricots - is the common name of dried apricot fruit, it contains no colors, flavors, preservatives and flavor enhancers, it is completely natural and very beneficial effects on the health of the product.

Useful substances apricots

The composition of dried apricots include:

  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • fiber;
  • iodine;
  • vitamins A, B5 and C

Useful properties of dried apricots

Useful properties of dried apricots are studied in some detail: apricots lowers cholester

ol, reduces the risk of developing thyroid disease, heart and blood vessels, helps to maintain the bodythe desired level of hormones contained in it due to vitamin A and even slows the growth of cancer cells.

Who needs to eat dried apricots dried apricots

, because of its beneficial properties, may be shown a variety of categories of people.It is often recommended for children with hypovitaminosis, especially in the spring.

apricots glycemic index is only 30, so it can be used in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Pectin contained in dried apricots in large quantities, can rid the body of radionuclides and heavy metals, so it is a must for people working in hazardous occupations.

But this dried fruit not only improves health, but also a beneficial effect on the appearance: the use of dried apricots in a food has a positive effect on the condition of hair and skin.

How to use dried apricots

taste great and many useful properties of dried apricots makes an indispensable product in the kitchen, so it can be eaten either alone or as a supplement to a variety of salads, muffins, pies, cakes.

There are even recipes for fish and meat dishes, the number of ingredients which include apricots, and one of the best is considered to be a combination of dried apricots and chicken meat.

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