Immune system : immunodeficiencies

In case of failure of immunity decreases the body's ability to fight pathogens, causing a high susceptibility to infections.

immune system can be suppressed by medication or illness drugs.Lack of immunity may be present from birth in the form of a genetic disorder (primary immunodeficiency) or be acquired.As a result of the immune deficiency increases a person's susceptibility to infection.

severe combined immune deficiency

Genetically caused severe weakening of many parts of the immune system.Children with severe combined immune deficiency often die from multiple infections up to a year.In some cases, it may help bone marrow transplant.

Common Variable Immune Deficiency

As a result of the genetic lack of the immune system synthesizes antibodies insufficient to effectively fight infections.Children with the disease are exposed to frequent infectious lesions of the ears, lungs, nose, eyes and other organs.Treatment involves substituting the missing immunoglobulin antibodies by injection.

Infection with human immunodeficiency virus / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

(HIV / AIDS) deficit.

HIV infects and destroys immune system cells that fight infections.Because the number of cells of the immune system is reduced, it is constantly increasing a person's susceptibility to infection.

Drug immune deficiency

Drugs that suppress the immune system, increase the risk of infection.People taking immunosuppressive drugs for a long time, should be carefully monitored his health in time to detect infectious disease and begin treatment.

Reaction "graft versus host»

After transplantation (e.g., bone marrow) cells of the immune system may attack the graft donor tissue, leading to its rejection.In these cases, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants used for the prevention of organ donor immune cells.

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