The third month ( 9-12 weeks )

By 9 weeks the fetus has formed and weighs about 5 grams fully Further changes will be related only to the growth of all organs and the achievement of functional maturity.

During the 10th week of fetal skeleton becomes fully legible.His bones is presented cartilage, but very soon they will begin to be deposited calcium, that is, to begin ossification of cartilage.His fingers had already completed their formation and membrane connecting them disappeared.By the way, the tail and gill arches also disappeared at the end of the embryonic period, so now your child becomes like a little man.Most of the bodies already operating.The kidneys continue to secrete primary urine - is one of the most important components of the amniotic fluid.

On the 11th week, your baby weighs 17 g and up to 7.5 cm long;fetal face acquires its characteristic features, and you can already try to understand, looking at it on the US, to whom he is like!

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Speaking of ultrasound ... in a period of 11-12 weeks of pregnancy, obstetric (at 9-10 weeks gestation) you needdo an ultrasound of the fetus, which is seen as its neural tube correctly formed.This study in combination with hormonal markers and genetic risk assessment is the first screening of fetal development defects.

At 12 weeks your baby becomes absolutely unique feature - fingerprint.Appearing now, they will never change.Fetus already appeared the first reflexes, that will multiply and become more complex as the maturation of the nervous system.And one more important event beginning at 9 weeks of sexual differentiation finally reached the form of external sexual characteristics.Now you can find out the sex of their child.By the end of this week the baby weighs 28 grams and height - 9 cm.

During the 13th week of the child begins to interact with the environment - he has a tactile sensitivity.In addition, the child begins to swallow amniotic fluid, and he has a sucking reflex.This reflex is not the only one: when the fetus regards his foot uterine wall, his fingers reflexively shrink.Both of these reflex it will retain after birth.By the end of this month, fetal growth is 11 cm and weighs about 50 grams

changes in mother's body

you noted a slight increase in their body weight.It is absolutely normal for pregnancy, but also for weight gain is to follow throughout pregnancy.Many women under the influence of hormones change dramatically taste and demand in certain products.A metabolic changes the body can lead to strong feelings of hunger.Try to keep track of your diet and limit impulse to overeat.Remember, pregnancy - this is not an excuse to eat for two!On the contrary, eating large amounts of food, you can greatly hurt yourself and your child.

By the end of this month will end sharp fluctuations in hormone levels in the blood.The reason is that the formation of the placenta is over, now it is also responsible for the baby food, and for the production of pregnancy hormones.

blood volume continues to increase, this could lead to increased pressure, if not progesterone relaxes the muscles of the vascular wall and dilates blood vessels.But there is this action of progesterone and negative point: it also relaxes the muscles of the intestine, becoming a cause of bloating and constipation.This situation will only get worse, because as the uterus growth it will be more and more pressure on the intestines, only exacerbating the problem.Talk to your doctor, he will be able to choose you a safe and effective means to combat constipation.

By the end of this month, fatigue usually recedes.But returning vigor and good health does not mean that you do not need a vacation!Take care of yourself and try to carve out 15-20 minutes to rest at least four times per day, regardless of where you are.

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