Chemical burns to the skin : treatment

Chemical burns to the skin : treatment
success of the treatment of chemical burns of the skin is determined by the duration of their education and the timeliness and completeness of the volume rendered first aid.

Unlike traumatic lesions of various etiologies, chemical burns of the skin accompanied by the physical and chemical changes in the affected tissues, which can lead to the deepening and spread of the active substance in the short term.

The success of treatment depends on the surgical removal of the damaging agent and timely diagnosis of the severity of complications, often not obvious at the first examination.

chemical burns to the skin: Symptoms

chemical skin burns first and second degree is characterized by:

  • pronounced hyperemia and edema of the skin;
  • irritation or burning sensation at the site of contact;
  • necrotic scab formation in the affected area;
  • depigmentation affected area with severe scar changes.

In severe cases, there is necrosis of all layers of the skin, tissue deformation and development of burn sepsis.

chemical burns to the skin: the provision of pre-hospital

aid Regardless of the degree of destruction of any chemical skin burns require professional medical care, the provision of tactics which can identify only a doctor.

Providing first aid is aimed at the urgent removal of the active substance from the skin surface.For this purpose, the affected area was washed copiously with running water for 30-60 minutes.The exception is a chemical burn of the skin with lime, which requires careful removal of residues of the substance by mechanical means prior to treatment contact points.

After removing the chemical agent is recommended processing of the lesion neutralizing solutions and the imposition of a clean bandage.Not allowed to do self-cleansing treatments of burn wounds with oil ointments.

chemical burns to the skin: treatment

After transporting the victim to a medical facility is necessary to conduct appropriate diagnostic severity of the affected state and the depth of the burn surface.

Rendering first medical aid involves treatment of burn wounds with antiseptics, painkillers introduction and application of funds, contributing to the acceleration of regenerative processes.

Similar preparations made from biologically active compounds, the effect of which is aimed at reducing the damaging effects of chemical agents and improve blood microcirculation in the affected tissues.

chemical burns to the skin may lead to critical loss of fluid through the open burn surface.To prevent the possible destabilization of the affected state apply infusion therapy with the introduction of colloidal solutions.

With deep burn injuries possible surgical intervention in the form of decompression surgery with removal of dead tissue and dermoplastiki overlay skin grafts.

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