Symptoms of blood cancer

Symptoms of blood cancer
blood cancer represents multiple tumors derived from cells of the hematopoietic system.Typically, affect bone marrow tumor.The typical clinical picture that would serve as a diagnosis criterion, does not exist.

disease usually reveal in time clinical examination , at examination patient .

Often instead of blood cancer diagnosed infectious fever , hemorrhagic syndrome, increase peripheral and mediastinal lymph nodes, gepatolienalny syndrome, necrotic angina , exophthalmos , phlebitis , brain strokes , bulbar defeat .

there were several dozen clinical masks this disease. diagnosis set only at help morphological research peripheral blood, analysis bone brain that n Wires by sternal puncture .

Development blood cancer

Malignant neoplasm develops constant chaotic rapid dividing cells bone marrow.When this suppressed reproduction relevant body cells.

neoplasm common on around bone brain ( usually inside sternum or in bones pelvis), tumor cells swing heart together with healthy on vascular bed, see and palpate the tumor is not possible.

Types cancer blood

Cancer blood ( hemoblastoses ) share on two group.

  • First Ste p th - Lei goats , that hit bone marrow . They can treat how to group benign tumors ( chronic lymphocytic leukemia , myeloma disease , erythremia , myelofibrosis , deployed monoklonovaya stage chronic myeloid leukemia ), so and to group malignant ( sharp leukemias , terminal stage chronic myeloid leukemia ).
  • second group - gematosarkomy .They are a vnekostnomozgovye serious malignant tumor . consist gematosarkomy of blast cells hematopoietic system.

Signs cancer blood

most important signs of blood cancer are :

  • rise temperature body on small amount degrees, that is not associated with a cold or other illness ;
  • weakness ;
  • pains in bones;
  • head pain , dizziness ;
  • aversion to food , reaction on smells .

have these symptoms no specificity , they not force human address to the doctor.But close people , are in constant contact with patients , begin to notice other symptoms:

  • dramatic weight loss ;
  • dry skin , its yellowish color or excessive pallor ;
  • drowsiness or, conversely , Activity person;
  • sometimes suddenly increase spleen and liver .

For this state characteristic complaints patients on the , that growing stomach , in hypochondrium felt severity .There bleeding mucous , on skin integument body appears small rash .

In case occurrence tumors , consisting of lymphatic tissue, first symptom is painless and tight subcutaneous node, appearing in places folds ( neck , groin, clavicle , axillary depression ).

When detected such tumors need in urgent order contact in hospital, take analysis blood and perform ultrasound examination swollen lymph nodes.After passing these procedures therapist should send patient to relevant professionals ( surgeon , haematologist , oncologist ).

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