Points in the hole : the principle of action

Points in the hole : the principle of action
Points in the hole, glasses-trainers, perforating, diffraction glasses - names in this optical device a lot, but the essence is the same.His influence on the human vision goggles are not required to wonderful technology, as promised by many manufacturers, and the ordinary laws of physics.

pinhole glasses are enclosed in the rim of the lens, made of a dark plastic with many small holes.

Modern glasses in the hole appeared in the market of optical instruments at the end of the last century, and since then the heated debate about their use does not cease to view.

principle of action points in the hole

The perforation technology points the principle of limiting the luminous flux via holes in the lenses and the use of such physical phenomena as:

  • refraction;
  • iris;
  • interference of light.

effect of improving vision while wearing glasses in the hole is achieved by the fact that when you look into the small hole man focuses his eyes on a point better vision - the so-called macula.Due to the increased

depth of field view of the subject enters the zone of greatest acuity of the retina.

also correcting the impact perforation points due to a decrease in the luminous flux entering the eye.As a result, it reduces the amount of constriction of the pupil and the tone of the accommodation.This gives the eye muscle relaxation and increases visual acuity at distance and near sight.

However, improvement in vision observed only while wearing glasses in the hole.After removing them, the vision returned to previous levels.

Points in the hole: indications for use

ophthalmologist may recommend wearing pinhole glasses for people with hyperopia, myopia, cataracts, astigmatism, strabismus.But in glaucoma and macular degeneration to use glasses-trainers are not worth it.

Showing sunglasses in the hole and when working with small objects, text, and in those cases where some time is necessary to strongly focus vision.

pinhole glasses can be used for a while instead of the usual sunglasses.

Terms of Use points in the hole

  • recommended to wear glasses simulators from half a day;
  • glasses you can read, watch TV, work on the computer, but only under the condition of good lighting;
  • avoid long immobility eye using glasses in the hole, as it leads to fatigue the eye muscles;
  • should not wear glasses simulators for more than two hours a day;
  • regular wearing of glasses in the hole for a few years can degrade vision;
  • before using pinhole glasses, you should consult an ophthalmologist;
  • when buying glasses-trainers should avoid low-quality optical instruments, whose asymmetrical rows of holes, bad fasteners frames and lenses are too large diameter and hole pitch;
  • wearing glasses in the hole is recommended to complement the regular gymnastics to the eye.

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