After removing the tooth hurts gums : Causes

After removing the tooth hurts gums : Causes
Pain in the gums and swelling - a fairly frequent consequences of tooth extraction.In most cases, these phenomena are connected with the natural healing process and do not pose any hazard.But sometimes these symptoms can speak of the emergence of inflammatory processes and require emergency treatment.

after tooth extraction pain in the gums may take up to 4-6 days.The healing period can be somewhat longer if an extracted tooth was near nerves or muscles to move the jaw.

In the first days after the removal may occur:

  • gingival swelling caused by damage to the soft tissues around the teeth due to tooth extraction;
  • pain that can spread not only the gums, but also to give to the ear, throat, jaw and neighboring teeth;
  • fever;
  • bleeding from the hole.

It is normal if the above phenomena accompany the healing process and lasts only the first few days after tooth extraction, but if they have not been tested, the pain in the gums does not subside, and in the well there is a festering, these symptoms may

indicate the presence of inflammation.

Sore gums after tooth extraction:

causes inflammation inflammation can start as on the patient's fault, and the fault of the dentist.

most common reasons:

  • failure to comply with the doctor's recommendations for oral hygiene after tooth extraction;
  • damage the gums during dental surgery instrument;
  • lack of sterility of dental tools of infection during the operation;
  • fragment of tooth remaining in the tissues after removal.

complications after tooth extraction

If a long time after tooth aches and gum pain is amplified, it can talk about the development of one of the possible complications.

  1. Dry hole.It is important that after the operation in the hole formed blood clot, which protects it against the ingress of bacteria.Hot meal and frequent rinsing prevent the formation of a clot, which is why dentists recommend avoiding these actions 1-2 days after tooth extraction.If we ignore these recommendations, a blood clot can not form and the hole will remain dry and open to getting infections.This may cause alveolitis.
  2. alveolitis - inflammation of the wells, the signs of which, as a rule, are severe pain in the gums and bad breath due to suppuration.
  3. Osteomyelitis - alveolitis is more serious stage.The main symptoms of osteomyelitis - a lot of pain, fever and swelling of the cheeks and gums.As a rule, it requires surgery.
  4. Odontogenic abscess (or flux) - an inflammation of the periosteum caused by infection in the gums.
  5. Jaw cyst - a small tumor, which is a cavity filled with inflammatory fluid, and occurs as a result of inflammation.

Surgical treatment to the dentist when the signs of inflammation several times reduces the risk of the above complications.

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