The alignment of the teeth without braces

Malocclusion can seriously damage human health.In addition to being an overbite - is aesthetically unattractive, it can cause serious malfunctions in the body.Fortunately, modern technology allows to make the alignment of the teeth without braces.

Visit the dentist is recommended as early as one year of age, when a child soon as the first teeth.This will not only help in time to detect abnormalities in the baby, but also to teach him to continuous visit the dentist.If the wrong flavor is detected early, it is possible to align teeth without braces for a short time.

How to straighten teeth without braces

main disadvantages of braces is their high cost, unsightly, the need to wear for a long time.Therefore, dentists and was invented several alternatives that allow you to refuse to braces:

  • treytery;
  • caps;
  • plate;
  • retainers.

Each of these methods has its indications.In order to understand how best to carry out the alignment of the teeth without braces, we propose to consider each of these methods

in more detail.

Treytery to align teeth

This method is used only in children with milder forms of deviation.Treytery themselves are special devices that reduce pressure by the teeth on the cheek.Effective bite correction thus only possible with daily wear treyterov for at least 12 hours.

plates to align the teeth

Even this method is called microprosthetics.He directed for the most part to eliminate gaps between the teeth.the plate is now considered one of the most effective methods of teeth alignment without braces.And if earlier to secure the plates had to grind the tooth, but nowadays used for this purpose a safe fluorine-containing cement.

Capa to align teeth

choosing this method, be prepared for the fact that you will be given more transparent cap, which must be worn in a certain sequence.In the teeth of such a device should be around 18 hours a day.Capa will not only help make your teeth straight without braces, they can also carry further their gentle whitening.

Retainers for aligning teeth

Without such a device can not be the end of any process of alignment of the teeth.It plays a crucial role in securing the result.Wear this device will have two times longer than caps or treytery.

teeth alignment without braces - is not only aesthetically appealing, but also useful.Just imagine, during lunch braces can not be removed, in contrast to the cap, for example, so in the oral cavity are food particles, provoking proliferation of bacteria.

Remember that only regular visits to the dentist ensures the timely detection of problems with bite.This, in turn, allows the physician to provide the optimum method of treatment.

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