A blood test for cholesterol

A blood test for cholesterol
High blood cholesterol is a risk factor for early death from cardiovascular disease.To prevent the complications associated with atherosclerosis, doctors suggest once every few years to take a blood test for cholesterol.

What is cholesterol

Cholesterol is an organic compound that is contained in almost all tissues of the human body.It is part of the cell membrane, is used for the synthesis of bile acids, many hormones and vitamin D.

About 80% of cholesterol is synthesized in the liver and intestine.Also, this compound comes into contact with the products of animal origin (fatty meat, butter, eggs).Displayed predominantly cholesterol in the bile.

At birth, the human cholesterol below 3.0 mmol / l.Thereafter, it increases blood concentration differently in men and women.For women cholesterol with age grows more slowly than men, until menopause, after which the rate can go up dramatically.This is due to the protective effect of female sex hormones, which stops at menopause.

Elevated blood cholester

ol levels demonstrates a shift in the balance between the different factions of lipoproteins acting as a transport for the substance (cholesterol itself is insoluble in water).

high level of very low density lipoproteins that carry a lot of cholesterol, increases the risk of atherosclerosis.Therefore, a blood test for cholesterol can indirectly indicate the beginning of the pathological process.

Factors contributing to the increase of cholesterol

most common causes of high blood cholesterol levels:

  • poor nutrition - eating large quantities containing saturated fats products;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • overweight or obese;
  • smoking;
  • excessive use of alcohol;
  • nervous overstrain.

In addition, there are factors that affect the impossible:

  • genetic predisposition (diseases associated with chronic increase in blood cholesterol levels);
  • male sex;
  • old age;
  • early menopause in women.

Terms blood test for cholesterol delivery

Doctors recommend all people older than 20 years at least every 5 years to investigate the level of cholesterol in the blood serum.There are certain requirements for the passage of such an analysis, to ensure the accuracy of the study:

  • can not drink alcohol the day before the study;
  • important to donate blood on an empty stomach (between the last meal and blood sampling must be at least 12-14 hours);
  • need to refrain from smoking for an hour prior to the study;
  • possible psycho-emotional and physical stress during the last days before the blood test for cholesterol should be avoided.

values ​​of cholesterol in the blood

  1. Recommended values: & lt;5.2 mmol / l.
  2. Boundary values: 5.2 - 6.5 mmol / l.
  3. Elevated values: & gt;6.5 mmol / l.

If the total cholesterol in the blood is in the range of border and above, it is desirable to give blood for the so-called alipidny profile: total cholesterol in combination with the determination of triglycerides, the "good" and "bad" cholesterol (HDL and LDL).

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