Health teeth : why you need to visit the dentist regularly

cases when people delay until the last visit to the dentist, but by refusing to do routine inspections, are very common.Meanwhile, regular visits to the dental office plays an important role in the prevention of oral diseases.

According to numerous polls among the categories of people to avoid contact with the dentist, most of them are afraid of dentist's chair waiting for the pain.In fact, modern medicine has many ways painless dental treatment, starting with the quality of anesthetic drugs and ending with highly professional equipment.

Another well-established myth - the lack of spare time and money.This excuse is also unfounded.For routine inspection rather visit the dentist twice a year, and the procedure does not take more than an hour.If you run a disease, the treatment will be much longer and will involve considerable financial expenditure.

Dental Health: Why do I need a routine inspection

Many diseases of the mouth and teeth are more easily treated in the early stages.At the time noticed th

e symptoms allow the dentist to appoint the most effective treatment, not leading to chronic disease forms and complications, which may include:

  • digestive problems;
  • general infection of the organism;
  • weakened immune system, etc.

Regular check-ups are necessary, even with seemingly complete dental health.During the planned visit to the dentist to carry out preventive measures, taking into account the age of the patient, especially the climate of his place of residence and immunity, corrects errors in oral hygiene and gives advice on nutrition.

From early childhood, the child should be taught not only to their own oral hygiene, but also to visit the dentist.Such visits help to maintain the health of baby teeth, correct bite and position of the teeth and are very important psychologically.

lack of scheduled scans may lead to the fact that under the influence pathologic processes tooth broken, and restore its integrity is not possible.We can only delete and further prosthetics.

Actions doctor during examination

  • During a visual inspection of the oral cavity dentist detect signs of dental disease, and the patient survey, asking his complaints and history allow a complete picture.
  • When a dentist separate areas on the teeth where the enamel is thinned and is a precursor to tooth decay, the doctor will suggest to put on a teeth special therapeutic and prophylactic compounds that help to strengthen teeth and prevent further progression of the disease.
  • High efficiency for the prevention of dental caries is fissure sealing - procedure for filling the grooves and the grooves on the chewing surface of the tooth sealant.
  • With ultrasonic cleaning, or closed curettage procedure removes plaque, which serves the cause of many diseases of the teeth and gums due to the fact that under it intensively breed bacteria.
  • If necessary, will be held dental tissue enrichment procedure by certain trace elements: calcium, strengthens teeth, and fluoride, reduces hypersensitivity enamel.

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