10 questions your doctor about cholesterol

Through constructive engagement with the doctor victory over high cholesterol will come much faster.

atherosclerosis - a disease of the arteries that occurs as a result of lipid metabolism.It is dangerous to deposition of cholesterol in the vessels in which the connective tissue can grow over time.If you violate the integrity of the process of thrombus formation of plaque can begin on its surface, resulting in a narrowing of the lumen (up to the blockage), which is fraught with death.The doctor will find out how great the threat of a heart attack.

Do I already atherosclerosis

To answer this question, the doctor will need medical history and the results of research.

What are the risk factors for heart disease

learning about the lifestyle and habits, the expert will mark something from which should be abandoned as soon as possible (alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, fatty foods, etc.).

What diet should follow

list of permitted and prohibited foods at elevated "bad" cholesterol to help cope w

ith atherosclerosis.

Where to find omega-3: infographics

there enough will just go to a healthy lifestyle and that is especially should pay attention

answers to these two questions depend on how much cholesterol level exceeds the norm, and byassociated hereditary and external risk factors.

Is it time to take the medication

Most likely, the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs, cholesterol-lowering.

it likely side effects

Not all drugs that regulate cholesterol balance, equally safe, so it is necessary, along with the doctor to choose the most appropriate medication.

What are the realistically achievable goals

It should ask the doctor about what he sees prospects for treatment.Imagining a result, you will feel much more confident.

Is it possible to ever live without the drug

necessary to know how safe the termination of medical treatment in the future.

How often do you need to test for cholesterol

keeping with the plan of regular inspections, you can keep the situation under control and prevent heart attack and stroke.

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