Why darken teeth kids

Change the color of enamel of primary teeth may indicate a variety of problems.

Sometimes parents suddenly noticed that the baby milk teeth darken, the former before the white sand.This symptom is always a reason, and it can only reveal a pediatric dentist.Therefore, even if you properly care for your baby's oral cavity, it is better not hesitating to consult a doctor, who will determine - what's wrong and prescribe treatment.

reasons for darkening teeth

* Sometimes it can manifest caries - not a small black hole in the tooth enamel and the darkening of the whole, asprocess can go inside, appearing for a long time, darkening the outside.The child will not complain of pain, but running process treats caries will be much more painful than the initial stages of the darkening of the teeth.

· If there is no caries, tooth darkening (usually the front) may be due to the fact that the child fell and hit his jaw.A strong impact can damage the vascular nerve bundle in the root canal of the tooth, resul

ting in nerve ginet, and with it - and a tooth.The withering away of the tooth shown its gradual darkening.Here, unfortunately, have to remove the damaged teeth and wait in their place will not grow permanent.

· darkening of the teeth can be caused by lack of fluoride in the water or foods that kid eats.As guests in the rein should be the level of fluoride is not less than 1 mg per liter, but in many regions of Russia this important trace element in water is lacking.The teeth of the child in this case will be yellowish.For the treatment of this condition your doctor prescribes fluoride intake in vitamin complexes or separately.

· Oddly but an overabundance of fluoride - fluorosis - just as dangerous to the teeth, and health in general.In the case of excess fluoride teeth look like a combination of dark and brownish yellow spots with a bright white strokes.In such cases, bleaching is assigned to the further remineralization zubov- iesalty tooth tissue calcium and phosphorus by using applications and electrophoresis.The child is appointed paste without fluoride, and parents are advised to strictly follow the fluoridation of water.

· individual characteristics of the organism - to allocate a large amount of unreduced iron contributes to brownish patina on the child's teeth, because iron is connected to the mouth with food proteins decay.

· Finally, the darkening of the teeth can give such a trivial reason as lack of oral hygiene and the formation of bacterial plaque, which is capable of mineralized and turn into tartar.There will only correct tooth brushing corresponding brush, toothpaste and certain techniques, which also tells the doctor.

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