Which products more cholesterol

If you know which product is more cholesterol, and in which - less, you will be able to control its levels in the body and to independently prevent heart attacks and strokes.Such information is required to adopt those who are already suffering from cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure jumps.Adjusting the daily diet can significantly increase life expectancy.

Cholesterol - a complex chemical compound that our body produces for many internal processes.From the outside, the body is only the fourth part goes, and if it exceeds the permissible limits, changing the composition of the blood.It becomes viscous and thick, it formed clumps, which are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, arteries and veins, gradually clogging and making them impassable.If you know which product is more cholesterol, it is possible to control it and reduce the level of many dangerous risks.

How dangerous cholesterol, what products he comes?

Elevated levels of "harmful" cholesterol causes:

  • to the deposition of sclerot
    ic plaques;
  • to circulatory problems;
  • to the formation of dangerous blood clots;
  • to lower elasticity of blood vessels.

For what it may lead, we'll already know.Properly adjusted nutrition helps to go back to the desired parameters.If you know which product is more cholesterol, it is easy to understand what you need to forget forever to prolong their lives and to live it without strokes and heart attacks.

How to prolong life, having the information about the products in which cholesterol greater

Remember that your health - in your hands.Properly accounting for your diet, you can do without expensive medications.And if you're at risk, you should keep in mind in what products more cholesterol, and in which it is less.Eliminate or limit to a minimum:

  • use of fats and margarine;
  • fatty meat varieties, smoked, salted, canned, pates and offal.
  • condensed milk, fat cottage cheese, processed and hard cheeses.
  • soups from packets.
  • chips and French fries.
  • Viennoiserie.
  • cocoa, coffee, alcohol, spices and mayonnaise.

In other foods lower cholesterol, but there are some ingredients that can reduce cholesterol and to restore the necessary balance in some products.Prunes, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, beans, fruits and vegetables will become an indispensable tool in the fight against cholesterol.Also, nutritionists believe that avocados, kiwi, carrots, citrus fruits can help reduce the level of "harmful" cholesterol significantly.

Choosing the right food - the main means of prevention of cardiovascular diseases.A daily intake of antioxidants ensures good health and long life, so if you know which products comes cholesterol in the body, will no longer be using them on a daily basis, harming their health and drive themselves into a corner.Take this information into service and live without fear for their own lives.

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