Which products for muscle growth

Terrain abs and bulging muscles - is the result of hard work in the gym.If the right to train and observe the protein diet, such a result can be achieved in a few months.So what products for muscle growth are optimal?

With regular sessions in the gym, exercise on different muscle groups can get relief and beautiful visual effect.But it will have to be fed and so that muscle mass is formed easily and quickly.Which products for muscle growth is better to use, we will describe in this article.

Which products for muscle growth, there

muscles are formed by high-quality protein.Therefore, you need to consider your diet so that it included the maximum amount of protein components.This should be a high-quality protein, which is not postponed in fat and muscle mass will form.

diet should contain 20% more calories than during the moments without training.But this increase should be created at the expense of non-sugar products, such as:

  • quality meat, better lean - suitable beef or pork;
  • poultry - chicken contains a lot of protein, better to take the breast;
  • egg - a valuable product for muscle building;
  • curd;
  • sesame;
  • different varieties of fish.

That protein should be the basis of the diet of an athlete power.But the sweet and starchy foods is better to abstain.It may contribute to the accumulation of fat, muscle hide.What are the products for muscle growth has not called?Of course, vegetables.They do not directly affect the growth of muscle mass, but allow to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.If there is no protein fiber, problems can occur, which would be inappropriate in training.

How to eat for muscle growth?

press for relief special products are needed, but no less important is the power and process.It is important to observe the mode to get the best result.There have 5-6 times a day.Only one meal will be a major, all the rest - not so significant.

Highlight something for the main power.It should be 25-30% of the food for the day.That is the number of products that promote muscle growth, you will eat in 1.5-2 hours after the workout.At this time, all eaten turn it into muscle.

remaining food divide into 4-5 parts.And eat it throughout the day every 2-3 hours.Depending on your schedule, you will create your diet.Do not get involved with food before going to bed, try to make the most of the food would be used for up to three hours of the day.

Ideal for food and gaining lean muscle to train in the morning or in the middle of the day, then the fat will produce much less, and the effect comes first.

Which products for muscle growth there, we understand: this high-quality animal protein, which is necessary to saturate the maximum diet.But remember that you can not get a good result without any training.It is necessary to send a lot of attention not only for food, but also on the elaboration of the necessary muscle groups.

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