What foods increase the acidity

When acidity of the stomach there are many unpleasant symptoms.Heartburn, belching, bloating, constipation - this is something that does not live in peace.In such situations, it is to eat only certain foods.What foods increase the acidity, and that there can not be, let's find out together.

In diseases of the stomach, ulcers, gastritis, hyperacidity - a very unpleasant factor.And for the intact stomach heartburn is not a gift.What foods increase the acidity that you should avoid in your diet to avoid any unpleasant sensations?The list is not as big, but the relief will be significant.

What foods increase the acidity

If eating irritating foods, do not prevent the disease.We need a responsible approach to diet to feel good.This will have to give up only on certain things that do not have a major impact on your menu.You can pick up special recipes, which, on the contrary, the diversity of your meals.

What kind of products that increase acidity, should be avoided:

  • hot and spicy spices irritate.There
    will be less than in the diet, the better;
  • any citrus also undesirable;
  • coffee and tea (black) is recorded in the black list, replaced by green tea or herbal infusions;
  • fatty foods, such as fat, is also not suitable for the diet;
  • fried foods can increase the acidity;
  • alcohol is not always, but often causes heartburn, this also applies to beer and various wines.

can also be an individual reaction to the product.What foods increase the acidity of your stomach it, you are likely to know.Try to avoid these things, so as not to provoke the exacerbation.

What is there in hyperacidity

There are foods that increase the acidity, and there are those that lower it.In using them, you'll feel great and forget about all the symptoms associated with the disease.They help to normalize the condition, do not irritate the mucous membrane.There can be no restrictions, contra - only idiosyncrasy:

  • apples, but not acidic;
  • bananas, sweet pears;
  • cream, sour curd;
  • boiled or steamed vegetables;
  • lean meat, fish;
  • porridge.

use in food products, changing the acidity possibly in different forms.It is better not to fry something, and simmer or boil.Also great to eat food cooked in a double boiler.Do not snack junk food or sandwiches.It soups, vegetable stews, cereals can improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, rather than random food.

What foods increase the acidity of your stomach knows.Each is something different.It is necessary to avoid these things, or if you can not quite give up, you should at least reduce their consumption to a minimum.It is better to go on a diet, which consists of boiled and stewed foods, which does not use sharp and fried.Respect for the health and proper diet can relieve the person from discomfort forever.

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