In what foods high in protein

In what foods high in protein
Which foods high in protein?Surely you have repeatedly asked this question, if you are interested in their health.This you can find in our article.

Proteins are the most important product for normal life.Animal and vegetable proteins are hydrolyzed in our gastrointestinal tract and converted to the same amino acid.The latter, in turn, act as building element necessary for the development and recovery of the muscles and other tissues.

What a lot of protein?Consider eating habits.

In order to understand what a lot of protein in our diet povsednego, it should be understood that the protein, it is a protein found in foods of both vegetable and animal origin.As products of animal origin, in which there is a relatively large amount of protein can be considered:

  • egg;
  • meat;
  • cheese and almost all dairy products;
  • fish;
  • bird;
  • seafood.

than in plant foods high in protein?The list of products of plant origin will be a little more modest, but still vegetarians make for yourself a decent menu for each da

y.For food, you can use the following products, which contain large amounts of protein:

  • legumes;
  • cereals.

We should not forget that vegetable proteins are digested slightly worse than animals, and thus offer us a lower biological value.

value of amino acids for human

the same time, what foods contain a lot of protein, we understand, but it is another question.Proteins contain essential and nonessential amino acids.In this case they are needed for a full human life.The meaning of "nonessential" means that a number of amino acids can be independently synthesized in the body without external replenishment.It is this feature of his, and they are different from the essential amino acids.

An adult needs about 1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of its weight.Therefore, in general the amount of protein should be on average 100 g At the same time about 20 percent by weight of said protein person must obtain from the plant environment.Therefore, knowledge of the answer to the question "in what products contain a lot of protein?" Is very important.

question is posed quite differently, if a person goes in for sports.For example, bodybuilding - sport, aimed at muscle building, - suggests eating a day about 300 grams of protein.In this case, each athlete is desirable to calculate the daily dose as accurately as possible for best results.

We hope that our article has helped you to know what the list of everyday products is a lot of protein.This issue should be of interest primarily those people who look after their health, and also intend to build muscle in the short term.

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